Detective Conan: Black Iron Submarine Features the Philippines

I know Filipino Detective Conan fans had their pointing Leonardo DiCaprio moment when they saw this scene (and will do if they still haven’t yet). The latest cinematic installment of the anime series, Detective Conan: Black Iron Submarine, has created quite a buzz among fans with its captivating portrayal of the Philippines featuring the cityscape of Makati.

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The Peninsula Manila, a hotel in Makati, is shown as a prominent feature in the movie. It was a key setting in Detective Conan’s latest adventure. In the movie, viewers get a glimpse of the busy streets of Ayala Avenue and Makati Avenue. These divided highways and skyscrapers are characteristic of this major city in the Philippines, giving viewers an attested immersion to the famous local area.

Photo from Detective Conan PH: Anime and Manga Facebook Page

According to the Detective Conan PH: Anime and Manga Facebook page, Vermouth, one of the intriguing characters in the series, makes her way to the Philippines. Having a foreign character explore a country usually only heard of by the international community by Jollibee and adobo is an interesting touch to add to the renowned series, giving both international and Filipino fans different points of interest.

Photo from Detective Conan PH: Anime and Manga Facebook Page

Adding a touch of Filipino flavor, an aspin follows Vermouth around, further grounding audiences to the specificities of the country, since this breed of canines can be seen just around anywhere in the country. This scene will truly give Filipino fans a sight to be delighted about, and international fans a flash of what it’s like to walk around the streets of Makati.

Photo from Detective Conan PH: Anime and Manga Facebook Page

The portrayal, specifically the animation of the city and the tiny details that were given attention to is really something eye-catching in the movie especially for people who either grew up in the area or are native to the country in general. These real-world locations prove the overlapping lines between reality and film, which is exactly one of the things that make the experience of watching anticipative. The diversity of these chosen locations give both local and non-local fans something to look forward to, and in this case, ultimately startled Filipino fans and gave them something to smile about.

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