Last Minute Wedding at Hachimitsu after Fire Burns Down Minglanilla Trial Court

Christmas is more than the holiday gifts and feast. The spirit of Christmas is all about giving, and in this story, we will witness the act of giving done by a buffet restaurant in Cebu as they help a couple make their wedding dress come true.

A Yakiniku buffet restaurant in Cebu saves the day for a couple’s wedding after the courthouse where they were supposed to get married burns down due to a fire. Hachimitsu was happy to say YES to a couple’s last-minute request to hold their wedding at the Yakiniku place.

According to one of Hachimitsu’s owners, Miss Denesse Yu, she received a late-night call from a guest (Mr. Jestoni Cordova) who wanted to do a last-minute wedding at the restaurant. The couple originally intended to marry at the Minglanilla Trial Court. However, due to a fire that sparked due to arson, the couple was not able to have their wedding at the trial court, which was also affected.

The couple booked a buffet-only wedding, but Miss Denesse and her husband had even better plans for the couple. 

“My husband and I sensed a higher purpose and felt compelled to go above and beyond by preparing the venue for the ceremony.” Miss Denesse Yu, Hachimitsu owner. 

What the couple thought would be a simple civil wedding turned out to be an intimate and picturesque celebration. 

The couple said their vows and chimed yes to marriage life with a fantastic view of the city at Hachimitsu. 

Hachimitsu is not only a place for good food and a great view but also a place where love blooms, relationships grow stronger, and connections spark and grow into something even more beautiful.

Would you want to celebrate your wedding here too? Worry not; Hachimitsu now accepts event bookings for any event you have in mind. You can read more about it here.



Exact location: A. Villalon Dr, Capitol, Cebu City (Across Cebu Christian Church Center)

BY BEEP: Ride any beep/PUJ that would ply through the Capitol like 04D, 14D, 17B, 17D. Hachimitsu Unli Grill & Hotpot is an 11-minute walk from the Cebu Provincial Capitol.

BY CAR: Navigate with Waze or Google Maps and set your destination to “Hachimitsu Unli Grill & Hotpot” in Cebu City. Parking space is available.

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