Check out 4 Coffee Shops in Cebu that offer under ₱39 Coffee

For coffee lovers, a day is incomplete without a sip of a warm or iced cup of joe. And you know what’s the best thing about coffee? It knows no master. 

Coffee is for everyone like students, employees, and even CEOs. Unfortunately, one harsh truth is that some coffee establishments don’t really offer a student-friendly price. But, as if hearing people’s plea for an affordable yet quality coffee, one cafe started a ₱39 coffee trend. 

Like a domino effect, many cafe entrepreneurs have now offered an “abot-kaya” option for coffee lovers of all life statuses. And we have compiled a list of coffee shops in Cebu that offer under ₱39 

1. Don Macchiatos

Let’s start with the store offering Cebu’s first-ever 39ners coffee, Don Macchiatos. Don Macchiatos went viral in Cebu because it offers the most affordable iced coffee in the City. The shop started with iced caramel Macchiato, and now they leveled up to offering other flavors such as Matcha, which they call Matchatos.


  • Bacayan
  • Mambaling
  • Talamban 
  • Urgello
  • Mabolo
  • San Roque Talisay
  • Banilad
  • CIT-U
  • Ramos
  • Nivel Hills Branch
  • Lapu-Lapu
  • Bulacao
  • Punta Princesa
  • IAU Branch
  • Mandaue 
  • Poblacion, Lapu-Lapu
  • Consolacion Branch
  • Cordova Branch
  • Compostela
  • Tamiya Basak
  • Tamiya Basak LLC
  • Danao Branch
  • San Fernando 

2. 38 Coffee

How low can coffee prices go? 38 Coffee now graces the coffee scene with their, you guessed it, ₱38. But don’t be fooled; even at a friendly price, they still use premium ingredients, especially the Arla Milk. Head to 38 Coffee for your daily Iced Macchiato fix.


  • CTU- Main, M.J. Cuenco
  • Opon Lapu Lapu
  • Junquera
  • Mactan

3. Uncle Brew

Here’s a mini cafe also hopping in on the 39ners craze, Uncle Brew. At Uncle Brew, everything is at ₱39, such as hot choco, Caramel Macchiato, Panda Pearl Milk Tea, Iced Choco, Spanish Latte, and Matcha Latte. So imagine, at ₱39, you can get different flavors of drinks.


  • Tisa
  • Poblacion, Talisay
  • Lagtang, Talisay
  • Pasil
  • Poblacion, Lapu-Lapu
  • Ormoc
  • Sudtunggan, Lapu-Lapu

4. Boss Makoy

38 Alert! Yet another shop offers delicious coffee for ₱38. Boss Makoy offers coffee connoisseurs four different flavors: Caramel Macchiato, Matcha Latte, Mocha, and Hazelnut. In addition, their Mandaue branch is offering a promo of Buy 3 for only ₱99. 


  • Talamban Time Square
  • 138 Mall Colon
  • The Barracks Carbon Food Market
  • Gaisano Savers Mart Basak Lapu Lapu City
  • Carcar City Food Park
  • Sibonga

Yes, coffee is even more delicious when it does not make our wallets cry. And with these ₱39 and under coffee choices, we might just turn “A coffee a day keeps the bad vibes away” into a reality. 

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