Coca-Cola Introduces an AI-made Limited Edition Flavor

Would you drink this? 

Coca-Cola introduces its newest and rather futuristic flavor— the Y3000. Sounds like a robot, right? Well, naturally— it’s created by AI. 

Photo from Cocacola on Instagram

You read that right. Coca-Cola’s newest flavor used AI to come up with flavor pairings and profiles that would “taste like the future. The Y3000 is part of the company’s “Creations” banner. “Creations” was established to introduce out-of-this-world flavors for the youth. 

However, the company asked humans to give their opinions about what flavors reminded them of the future before feeding the responses to AI. The packaging was also created using AI, which gave it a Y2K vibe. 

During a marketing release, the brand expressed that the Y3000 features a “futuristic packaging design.” On the packaging, you can see that it has different shades of blue and pink, and the logo looks like it’s glitching. 

“Co-created with artificial intelligence, the design showcases liquid in a morphing, evolving state, communicated through form and color changes that emphasize a positive future.”

Photo from Cocacola on Instagram

But wait; that’s not all. There’s another feature where consumers can scan a QR code on the packaging. Once scanned, it will lead to the “Creations” site, and consumers can get a glimpse and feel of what the future will look like in 3000.

What do you think of Coca-Cola’s latest creation? Big yes or Hard pass? 

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