Behind the Screens: Clout Chasing Explained

Wanting to be famous on social media is okay. Wanting to get attention and traffic to your social media pages isn’t wrong. But posting on social media for clout? Then you can kiss the “fame” goodbye and hug “infamy” hello.

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In this day and age, people use the power of social media to be noticed; however, some become so desperate that they result in dangerous or degrading acts. Can we go back to when posting on social media was meant for fun and keeping memories? You know, before the term “clout chasing” came to be? 

But what is clout chasing anyways? Let’s talk about it here. 

Clout Chasing and Clout Chasers Explained

The word clout wasn’t always something negative. It simply meant “popularity,” but because of the immense power of social media, the word “clout” just got a whole new meaning. 

Simply put, clout chasing now is the act of wanting to be famous; to do so, a person tries even more dangerous and foolish ways to get attention. Now, clout chasers are people who do the act of clout chasing. There are so many instances where people were clout chasing or branded as clout chasers online. 

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To set an example, Two brothers were called out for doing a fake kidnapping prank just for views. Unlucky for them, an off-duty police officer was actually on the scene. Oh, they got the views and attention they wanted, just not the way they hoped. 

Another form of clout chasing is talking ill about another person online. Some clout chasers will post nasty things about other people just to make themselves feel and look good. 

Calling Out vs. Clout Chasing

If a person did you wrong and still has not addressed the issue, then calling them out is justifiable. However, posting about a person and talking about them online, even if they have settled the matter privately and apologized, is already adding fuel to the fire. 

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Here’s a new saying: “Some things are better left unpublished.” If the issue can be settled privately, then that’s healthier. Calling out is okay, but do it responsibly.

Is Clout Chasing dangerous?

No fame in the world is worth risking your life and dignity for. Clout chasing can be dangerous once people put themselves or others in harm’s way. If you want to get noticed on social media, do it safely and responsibly. You can bring yourself up without bringing other people down. You can get attention and traffic to your social media account without putting yourself in dangerous and controversial situations.

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Final Word

As stated before, there is nothing wrong with wanting a little fame. All that matters is what you do and how you execute your journey to stardom and success. Social media either makes you or breaks you; it’s up to you to decide which of the two you truly desire. So be famous; just don’t be problematic. 

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