Climate Change is Already Here, UN reports

Scientists have been urging everyone to better care for the earth for years. They have warned us about climate change’s devastating effects, but did we ever listen? With the United Nation’s recent report, it’s about time we definitely SHOULD.

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The U.N. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) reports that scientists have found climate disasters to become very extreme, and people won’t be able to adapt. In addition, they also found that the world will possibly surpass its most ambitious climate target which limits warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius above preindustrial temperatures by the early 2030s.

There will be disastrous heat waves, famines, and infectious diseases. These things have irreversible effects, such as deaths as the century ends. But that’s not all; the fish population is starting to decline, farms produce fewer products, and weather disasters become so destructive.

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The level of climate change is greater than everyone anticipated, even the scientists. Human infrastructures, social networks, and economic systems are one of the most vulnerable to climate change. However, those in the world’s poorest countries and ground-level island nations will likely suffer more.

With the current climate emergency, the poorest and wealthiest will suffer the consequences. And despite IPCC’s warnings and published studies, people still ignored the signs, especially powerful groups.

Pollution, awful consumption habits of the rich, and fossil fuel subsidization, among others, have adversely affected the environment, ultimately leading to a climate emergency. Unfortunately, no one listened, and everyone ignored it, so the hopes of gradually transitioning to sustainability are no longer an option. According to the panel, deep, rapid, and immediate efforts will be the only things that can put a stop to climate change.

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Now is the time to take the warnings seriously. If we do not act now, then when? Until we all disappear from the face of the earth? Or worse, the earth itself will disappear from the face of the universe.

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