Rising Soon: CIT University’s 15-Storey Building with Smart Classrooms, State-of-the-art Facilities

Cebu Institute of Technology – University (CIT-U) University welcomes a new chapter as they officially announce the groundbreaking of their soon-to-rise 15-Storey Building.

CIT University aims to become the TOP Philippine University that produces quality students and provides quality services to stakeholders, which is why the building perfectly fits into the overall development plans of the university. The new building’s adequate space and infrastructure would help cater to the students’ needs and achieve the university’s mission and vision to further produce top students.

SugboPH talked to CIT University’s Marketing Director, Ms. Rafaeliza “Raffy” P. Diano, to share with us the current development status and other details about the building.

It’s more than just a 15-storey building. Why? Let’s find out.

Smart Classrooms and State-of-the-art Facilities

CIT University prides itself on introducing its tallest building on campus, but that’s not all. According to Ms. Raffy, aside from its height, the building is different from others because it is more forward-looking.

The new building is more pandemic-ready with its smart classrooms and well-equipped function & lecture halls.  It will feature state-of-the-art facilities that allow students to have better collaborative and flexible learning and for educators to have even greater quality instruction delivery.

The initial plan is to put the College of Engineering and Architecture in the building since they are the biggest college in the university.

High-Speed and Reliable Internet

The university sees the importance of having a fast and reliable internet connection. This is why they are working closely with Management Information System (MIS) Director to provide students and teachers high-speed internet.

Sustainability Features

CIT University also understands the importance of using sustainable and renewable resources to have this building go up and running. Ms. Raffy said they are working with the university’s Electrical Engineering Department to support renewable energy.

There will be energy-efficient features such as solar photovoltaic energy that directly converts sunlight into a new energy source.

Earthquake Safety Feature

Considering that a 15-storey building is susceptible to earthquakes, safety is CIT University’s top priority. They are also working with a professor in Japan who specializes in earthquake engineering. The building will have seismic isolation bearings to protect structures from earthquakes.

Target date of Operation

There is no word yet on the exact opening date. However, it is said that the building is expected to be ready for turnover by Academic Year 2025-2026.

All hands on Deck for the Building’s Success

To ensure a well-planned development for the new 15-storey building, CIT University’s educators and alumni work hand-in-hand.

There is a Technical Working Group that is comprised of two Civil Engineers who also have administrative roles. Engr. Suzette Pacaña is the spearhead of the building’s civil works. She is assisted by Engr. Mae Jessica Galgo, the assistant building supervisor.

In terms of the mechanical work, it is led by the Head of the Office of the Property Custodian, Engr. Nicarter Teves. He works closely with Engr. Erwin Salvador, who also takes charge of the electrical works..

Moreover, there are also Architects involved, such as Architect June Bayaton (Architecture Department Chair) and Architect Dexter John Perral. Architect Dexter John Perral was a topnotcher during the January 2016 Architecture Licensure Exam. Both architects are assisted by Ms. Clarisse Ortiz.

To spearhead the ICT infrastructure, they have Dr. Larmie Feliscuzo, the Director of the Management Information System (MIS), and of course, the finance director, Atty. Janzen Joseph Sevilla.

With a team of hardworking professionals, it is without a doubt this building will soar to great heights.

Pride and Embracing Innovativeness

CIT University wants its students to feel proud to be part of the CIT University family. In addition, they want students to embrace innovativeness with the help of the different state-of-the-art features the new building will have to offer.

What’s Next for CIT University?

The 15-storey building is one big step to an incredible accomplishment, but CIT University is not stopping there. According to Ms. Raffy, the university’s plans to provide experience zones and simulators such as Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) are in the works.

They also want to put emphasis and importance on film and art students. The university has plans to set up a giant outdoor LED wall for movie screenings to give students a better experience during the school’s film festival.


1. Will there be a change in curriculum? Will there be new programs introduced?

The curriculum has remained the same, and there are no plans to introduce new programs. However, CIT University is confident that the new building will be able to support any updates in the future.

2. Where will the new structure be located?

The new 15-storey building will rise in Tres De Abril Street at the back entrance. According to Ms. Raffy, they hope this new building will provide the right facelift to the main entrance. For the longest time, people just know N. Bacalso is the main entrance.

As CIT University soars to greater heights, its infrastructures follow. Congratulations to CIT University for this outstanding accomplishment.

Patricia Cruz
Patricia Cruz

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