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With the amount of loved ones we have as well as responsibilities, expensive gifts are a luxury most of us just can’t afford. But thankfully, we live in a time where a lot of things are very accessible, especially with the rise of online shopping.

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Booming especially during the pandemic, both Shopee and Lazada have become staples in the world of shopping. Here, options are wider and definitely much cheaper, drawing more and more people to rely on them for personal use. 

Strategically using this to our advantage, here is a list of Christmas gifts under P100 that you can get for your friends and family:

1. Christmas Scented Candle

For just P45 to P55, you can choose from blue wind chime, ocean, jasmine flower, and a lot more for this gift.

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2. Suede Cap 

Accessories sometimes complete an entire simple outfit. Suede caps have always been in style, and it goes with a lot of fashion choices regardless which era of trends you are more inclined to. Caps go with 90’s-inspired outfits, grunge aesthetic, and basic modern clothing.

For P62, you can get your friends such a gift that’ll keep that James Dean daydream look. If you’re a Swiftie, then you’ll most likely be into this item because of its print. Go see for yourself.

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3. Planner 

Every Christmas season, a lot of your friends or maybe even you yourself are probably anticipating to get a Starbucks planner which is a) hard to attain because of the number of stickers you have to collect to be able to avail one, and b) costly.

With the same utility and a much lesser price, you can get a planner for P79. Hardbound and complete with the necessary details that make up a planner, this is the perfect gift for all the organized girlies (and boys) in your circle of friends.

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4. Coffee Press

With no doubt do we all have coffee-obsessed loved ones, and this is definitely a gift that will make them feel deeply thought of. For P81, you can get this item which can hold up to two medium cups, and has a pretty minimalistic design as well.

It can’t get better and cheaper than this, so go and make someone’s Christmas!

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5. Mug 

Of course you’ll meet the infamous ever-present gift during the exchanging gifts segment in a Christmas party here. The edge that we have in an online shopping era is that these simple treats wouldn’t be met with an eye roll or a scoff the moment the receiver opens it. There are so many options online that give you a wide array of design choices which you can perfectly match with your friend’s personality.

Getting a design that caters to someone’s specific interests changes all preconceived feelings towards getting a mug as a gift. So, maybe give this gift a try.

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6. Moon Lamp

A gift you can never go wrong with is one that makes a place a lot prettier and cozier. With a moon lamp, you’re able to make your friend’s nightstand look like it’s from a Pinterest board, and the warm light undoubtedly makes the feeling of being in that room ambient.

Powered with a USB and illuminated by a LED light, this 3D projection of a moon would either catch someone’s eyes, or help them sleep better. It’s a win-win either way.

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7.  Glass Coffee Cup with Lid

Now don’t be mad yet for seeing the mugs’ cousin on this list, hear me out. If you want to give that coffee press a friend since perhaps you want to be more giving and creative this holiday season, imagine how much pairing it with a glass coffee cup completes the set?

For P45, you can buy this item in multiple colors. It comes with a lid, a straw, and a protective cover in the upper half of the cup for hot drinks.

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8. 3D Lamp Crystal Ball

Similar to the moon lamp, these 3D crystal balls will also surely complete someone’s room. You have lots of options to choose from regarding what kind of lamp you want to have, may it be a 3D projection of a galaxy, a whale swimming in a sea of stars, and some Christmas designs as well. The prices range from P95 to P99.

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9. MilkTea Plushie

With everyone’s love for boba (and most probably your friend’s), it’s a good idea to give it to them in plushie form. For only P69, you can get this item with four different colors to choose from. It comes in the size of 8 inches, but is definitely wide enough to cuddle with all that cotton stuffing.

Get your milktea-loving friends this gift now!

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10. Lovito Charm Bracelet

A bracelet is such a dainty idea for a gift and one that will always be appreciated. Since childhood, it has always been a symbol of connection and bond and has infiltrated our lives in many ways including the lettered friendship bracelets we’ve exchanged with the kids we’ve played with, loom bands, and even during our recollection in sixth grade.

Well, the sentimentality of bracelets doesn’t quite end there. Like mother said in You’re On Your Own, Kid, make (buy, haha) the friendship bracelets, take the moment and taste it.

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11. Minimalist T-shirt

I remember the rise of basic tees in 2014-2015 and how everyone was getting a minimalist print of anything they can think of. Such a fashion choice goes well with current trends since basic clothes are still on trend, and especially the neutral tones coupled with the versatility of black and white.

For P69, you can take a friend back to 2014-2015, all while fitting in the fashion standards of 2023.

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12. Water Tumbler

Okay, at this point, you might want to throw hands for seeing another liquid holder variant the third time in the list, but hear me out again! 

Since the pandemic, we’ve seen how current needs ultimately transcend into fashion statements the more we have to use it, e.g. masks which later on became a necessity to match with our outfits or generally just our vibe. Now I’m not saying it’s a necessity to buy a cute water bottle, but if you or your friends are someone who cares about what water holder is hanging by your hands, then this might be a good option for you to have as a gift.

Almost everyone is carrying an Aquaflask, and man, is that expensive. A nice water bottle that wouldn’t hurt the pocket too much is definitely a nice idea to give someone, considering that we all do in fact drink water regardless of the appeal of what they come in. Get your affordable water tumblers now!

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The value of giving someone something truly doesn’t lie on the monetary value of that something. Keeping track of someone’s interests, thinking of someone the moment you see a certain item, and dedicating the time and money (no matter how cheap) to get it for them definitely are the definitions of thoughtfulness. So go explore your options, and may you all have a happy holiday season!

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