This Cebuano-made AI app is a life-saver for budget travelers!

Traveling on a budget? This AI App’s got you covered!

Artificial intelligence (AI) has completely changed numerous industries, including travel, and the way we live our lives. Travelers can now plan their excursions more easily with the aid of this AI app made by Timothy Ouano, a Cebu-based developer, who aims to improve transportation efficiency and offer more individualized experiences.

Batanes, Philippines | Photo from Unsplash

Users can create a vacation schedule using his AI-powered vacation Budol app by entering their location, their destination, and any budget amount. Users can select “I’m feeling lucky” and just enter their location and budget if they are up for an adventure.

In response to a challenge from his business, the software development consultancy Symph, asking their engineers to design 30 AI apps in 30 days, Ouano created the app. 

From research to concept to development to deployment, Ouano constructed Travel Budol all by himself in under an hour. This is a significant improvement over the months-long average development time for apps. 

Photo from Travel Budol App

AI is assisting with travel in a number of ways, including travel planning. Travelers can now quickly find the greatest offers on flights, lodging, and activities with the aid of AI. AI-powered travel platforms can examine travel data to deliver individualized recommendations, improving the effectiveness and enjoyment of trip planning.

Photo from Travel Budol App

Ouano used prompt engineering to make sure Travel Budol displays results as accurately as feasible. Prompt engineering assists developers in creating more articulated inquiries using a variety of ways because AI models mainly rely on user prompts to produce the required results.

The next time you head out for a new adventure, remember that Travel Budol exists to make you save as much money as possible!

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