Caviar Just Released the 18k Gold Apple Vision Pro; You Won’t Believe How Much It Costs

You’ve seen luxury bags, clothes, and cars. But, have you ever heard of luxury Apple products? Well, this might shock you and your wallet. 

Photo from Caviar Global

The Dubai-based brand, Caviar just released the first look of the Apple Vision Pro with 18K gold. Not only that, but it also has fine leather. Caviar is a brand that centers on customizing luxury devices.

Let’s take a closer look at this luxury item. 

A Match of Gold and Leather

Photo from Caviar Global
Photo from Caviar Global

The Caviar Apple Vision Pro sports a gold and leather look. The leather head mount is Connolly leather. Meanwhile, the gold parts are made up of 1.5 kilograms of 18k gold. The Vision Pro also has a visor that allows privacy for users. 

The design is inspired by flip-up glasses from Tom Ford and the Gucci Ski Mask. 

A Price Of Gold

Are you planning to get one for yourself? Be prepared to empty your bank account. Caviar’s Apple Vision Pro costs a whopping $39,900. Wondering how much that costs in pesos? ₱2,201,023. 

The Apple Vision Pro by Caviar will be available for pre-order in 2024. 

Photo from Caviar Global
Photo from Caviar Global

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