BEAUTY TAKES SHAPE: World-renowned personality Catriona Gray is the face of Belo Thermage FLX

Let Catriona Gray tell you a thing or two about shape-shifting. The elasticity of her career is the ultimate framework: from being a Filipino-Scottish model hailing from Australia, to Miss World Philippines 2016, to singer with a degree in Music Theory, to a black-belted Choi Kwang Do martial artist, to Miss Universe 2018, it’s clear that the world-renowned beauty has the innate ability to change the trajectory of her life at will.

This trajectory has led the beauty queen to where she is now: post-Miss Universe reign, a professional host, culture and youth advocate, and most recently, the face of Belo Medical Group’s Thermage FLX, one of Belo’s most cutting-edge treatments to lift and contour the skin. And as the universe continues to witness her timeless beauty, Catriona has been a long-time client of Thermage FLX, one of the most-trusted skin-tightening treatments that provides lifted and contoured skin without surgery and downtime.

Before and beyond her reign, Catriona’s always been an advocate for authentic and imperfect beauty, which makes her Thermage FLX ambassadorship an ideal match to her approach to staying beautiful—one that sees nothing wrong with improvement in pursuit of beauty that’s timless. And compared to other non-invasive lift and contouring procedures, an improved face or body shape is something Thermage FLX is famously known to deliver. Using a non-invasive, cutting-edge Radiofrequency (RF) technology, Thermage FLX penetrates deep into the innermost layers of the skin, stimulating the formation of new collagen that makes skin look tighter and more glowing.

This is why aside from Catriona Gray, other celebrities have been going to Belo to get their Thermage FLX treatment for years: Anne Curtis, Alden Richards, Korina Sanchez, and Kryz Uy are some of them, and from the younger set, Bella Racelis, Claudia Barretto, Ivana Alawi, and Iñigo Pascual have been going regularly for Thermage FLX treatments to get a headstart on skin tightening before aging happens.

Thermage FLX may be a well-known machine available to many clinics locally and internationally, but know that this process of lifting and contouring is best left in the hands of experts who deliver quality treatment. This is the key difference of Belo Thermage FLX: with Belo, years of training and experience precede its expert medical staff, and the addition of Belo Exosomes as a top-up treatment to Thermage FLX (also known as Belo Zoom Lift™) ensures maximum results that add to already excellent skin service.

Let Belo Thermage FLX be another reason to look up to Catriona as a beauty and life icon: a progressive outlook on beauty and the boldness to shape her life, career and skin—in any way she wants to.

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