Tourists Traveling to Macao Can Now enjoy a ‘Buy One Get One Free’ ticket with Air Macau

Getting one ticket to Macao is absolutely a treat, but getting two? Now that sounds like a Jackpot.

Tourists can now relish a ‘Buy One Get One Free’ promo when purchasing a round-trip ticket from Air Macau for a limited-time offer. 

Photo from Air Macau

The promo runs from April 10, 2023, until June 30, 2023. It is available for international tourists, Hongkong residents, and Taiwanese departing from Singapore, South Korea, Japan, Thailand, or Vietnam, with Macao as the Destination.

The promo is part of the Macao Government Tourism Office’s promotional campaign with Air Macao. The campaign is to persuade tourists to visit the city. With the ‘Buy One Take One’ ticket promo, the MGTO is also working closely with public transport operators to implement the “Macao Treat” program. The program entices tourists to stay longer by offering free return to tickets to those who stay overnight in Macao.

Macao, Macao | Photo from Unsplash

The program will cover most of the services, such as land transport via HK-MO Express, One Bus Hong Kong Macau and Eternal East Cross-Border Coach, and water transport via TruboJet and Cotai Water Jet.

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