BingoPlus: Finding Love in B-I-N-G-O

Who would have thought that there is L-O-V-E in B-I-N-G-O?

You know, at one point in your childhood, you met people and friends who are definitely irreplaceable. And what joy would it be to see them again? And who knows, they might be the “love” you finally deserve.

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To celebrate Love month, BingoPlus brings us the story of Claring and Robin. A story of rekindling friendship, and romance, and how two people did not only win at Bingo but at love as well.

You can read the story below:

Finding love B-I-N-G-O

Dear Editor,

It was a beautiful day one afternoon at a cafe near my place along A.S. Fortuna, Mandaue City, Cebu, when I met my now fiance.

I was playing a then-new online bingo app, BingoPlus, listening to the host as they announce the winning letters and patterns. I was one ball close to matching a minor prize pattern.

“Yes!” I yelled as I hit the pattern. Right when the other few customers looked at me, another person yelled, “Yes!” somewhere in the corner.

I looked in the direction of the person yelling. It was a man my age looking at his phone. I recognized him, he was Robin, my childhood best friend.

I told him, “Binoy, ikaw na? Kahinumdom pa ka nako? (Binoy, is that you? Do you remember me?)”

He answered me, “Claring, pag sure oy, ikaw diay na? Kumusta naman ka? (Claring, are you sure that’s you? How are you).”

Robin moved to my table and we began reminiscing our past. We were best friends in elementary school until we graduated Grade Six in 2008. We used to play bingo at the back of our school auditorium in the afternoons.

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After graduation, he moved to Talisay City and I stayed in Mandaue City. We never saw each other again.

I pulled out an old winning bingo card from my wallet and showed it to Robin.

I asked him, “Awa. Mao ni atong pinakalast nga bingo. Kahindumdom pa ka?”

He replied, “Siempre uy! Wa gyod diay na nimo giwala. Swerte kaayo ka ana. (Of course! You never lost that. You are very lucky for that).”

Right then, he pulled out another bingo card from his wallet. It was a losing bingo card with one number left.

“Ako pud ni gihipos kay basin diay makaduwa pa tag balik. (I also kept this just in case we could play again,” he said.

I told Robin it has been years since I played actual Bingo because I never got time. But Bingoplus has allowed me to play my favorite game for a minimal price.

Robin said he started playing BingoPlus, too. He has won some prizes from time to time, too, but mostly he played to enjoy the game.

He then told me, “We should play together!”

Fast forward six months later, Robin and I rekindled our friendship and started dating. While we no longer play the traditional Bingo, we continued to play BingoPlus on our phones. Bingo remains to be our favorite pastime.

Last week, Robin said he wanted to play Bingo with me. I thought he meant BingoPlus, but no, he meant actual child-toy bingo. When I opened the card, instead of numbers, the card has small letters.

When I completed the pattern, I realized they spelled, “Will you marry me?” Of course, I said yes!

I guess you can say I hit the jackpot with Bingo! We are getting married this year and I will be a June bride. Isn’t it exciting?



P.S. When playing Bingo, as in love, we need to play responsibly.

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Photo from BingoPlus Facebook Page

From friends that drifted apart to lovers who always have each other’s hearts. Claring and Robin’s love story is proof that love is absolutely everywhere, even in Bingo. Convinced? Try out BingoPlus, who knows, you won’t only win prizes but love too.

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