Exude Confidence From Every Angle with Belo 360 Liposuction

Confidence breeds strength, and Belo is here to help unleash your confidence from every angle.

Contrary to popular belief, confidence is not only found in a person’s innermost part but also seen on the outside. This is why it is important to take care of your body on the outside as you do on the inside, and Belo Medical Group is here to help you out with that. 

Belo Medical Group has been cultivating confidence for almost 33 years with their offered services, especially 360 Liposuction. The 360 Liposuction is what made Belo a trusted brand and name for cosmetic surgery in the Philippines. Because of its top-notch and world-class cosmetic service, it is safe to say it is what put Belo on the map.

360 Liposuction Tried and True Testimonials

Does the 360 Liposuction really work? Well, it wouldn’t put Belo on the map of the world of cosmetic surgery if it didn’t. However, these amazing ladies have tried and can truly say that Belo’s 360 Liposuction works wonders. 

The supermom Dani Baretto faced a situation that is common for first-time moms. She felt that she was losing her power to routine and responsibility, and Dani felt like she did not have control of her own body. “When I gave birth, I completely focused on staying at home and being a mom and a wife, and I totally didn’t realize that I forgot myself in the process.”

Next up, with her youthful look and gaming skills, Alodia Gosiengfiao is loved by gamers and supporters alike. Alodia sought the help of 360 Liposuction as she felt that the youth-centered industry thrives in confidence and that she wanted to preserve hers. Alodia thought that natural aging would affect her career confidence, “[With age] comes a lot of pressure to maintain how I look.”

Max Collins has a bit of both dilemmas experienced by Alodia and Dani. Max needed the confidence to look her best. “I was frustrated that I wasn’t achieving my target arms no matter how much I worked out. With a little encouragement from my friends. I tried Belo 360 Liposuction, and I’m glad I did.”

How 360 Liposuction Works Its Magic: Procedure and Aftercare

360 Liposuction is more than your regular lipo procedure. It is done in a circumferential manner where adjacent areas around the problem area are also targeted to get an even look. Moreover, blood loss is also not a problem with the 360 Liposuction since it uses a thin cannula to sunction out fat.

Once the procedure finishes, clients then undergo Belo’s BodyTiteRF. The procedure includes producing heat that aids in stimulating the contraction of the overlaying skin, resulting to a tightening effect. Worried about the pain? Don’t be; the whole procedure is done under local anesthesia with “twilight sedation,” which means it is safer than general anesthesia. For the aftercare, it is generally easier than the lipo you know of since there is significantly less bruising, and downtime is not as long.

Belo’s 360 Liposuction is a bespoke treatment that is given based on the goals and desires of each patient. Each procedure is unique and personalized to address each client’s body concerns. Dani, Alodia, and Max have ended their procedures more than satisfied, all thanks to the 360 Liposuction’s advanced technology and personalized care. 

“The next day after the procedure, I was back to streaming. It was painless for me,” Alodia shared. On the other hand, Max stated that, “360 Liposuction has helped my life so much because I no longer have to go on extreme diets or workout multiple times a day. It’s made me healthier knowing that I no longer have to make my body undergo so much stress.”

Exuding confidence as they face challenging lifestyles head on, this is what the girls are left with after the procedure. “When you love yourself and when you feel confident, you feel you can do anything,” says Dani. 

Are you ready to shape your confidence? Book a consultation with Belo by visiting the Belo Cebu Clinic at Taft East Gate across Landers or check Belo’s official website here.

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