Here are some ways you can battle the heatwave with your pets

Our beloved pets have no voice to ask for help from us.

The heatwave is a silent killer, and it has been taking the lives of many in Asia. For those who cannot speak for themselves, summer is a losing battle of staying hydrated.

Photo from Alexa Kate Anlagan

With temperatures going beyond 35°C, our pets are at risk of overheating. Because of the effects of global warming, the country is expected to be much warmer throughout the year. It is important that we keep the health of our pets especially during this season in mind to keep them from suffering under harsh environmental conditions.

Here are some ways you can keep your pets cool this summer.

Provide adequate shade and water

Mingkoy the Orange Tabby | Photo form Jesmar Joseph Dalura

These are the very basics and should be regularly ensured. If we need shade and water to cool down, so do our pets. Keeping our pets in the shade can prevent their paws from burning on hot surfaces, so avoid having them walk on concrete or asphalt roads that have been exposed to the sun. For both indoors and outdoors, cool water should be given to them to keep a normal temperature. If you can, you should provide a spot outside wherein strays can also have access to cool and clean water. 

Keep an eye out for signs of heatstroke

Simon the Beagle | Photo from Jezreel Magallon

Any animal can develop heatstroke because they are unable to cool down by sweating the way we humans do. If their breathing rate seems to be increasing to the extent that they are panting, along with a sudden hyperactiveness, it could be an early sign of heatstroke. Also check for gum color with bright red being of concern and if their skin is hot to the touch, some of these you can check regularly.

Plan your walks with the temperature in mind

Nick the Shipoo | Photo from Alexa Kate Anlagan

Dogs need exercise to keep their joints healthy, but in times like these you have to time your walks carefully. Checking the ground temperature is important and adjusting routes relatively are good precautions to take. Also remember to bring water for them when you take them out.

Groom your pets regularly

Banana the Bunny | Photo from Maria Reina Sylvia Toledanes

Giving your pets a regular trim for the summer can keep them comfortable, but this also depends on their breed. Consult your veterinarian first and ask them if you can do anything with your pets’ coats that can help them cool down. One thing you can do is run cool water over your dogs when you are bathing them as this can help.

Summer can be a wonderful time for outdoor activities but it can also be a dangerous time for all of us, especially for our furry friends. As pet owners, it is our responsibility to ensure that our pets are safe and comfortable during these times as a way of showing we care for them.

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