PESO’s Performance Sets the Stage for an Ambitious 2024 in Philippine Esports

The Philippine Esports Organization (PESO) ends 2023 with an impressive run, especially with the performance of Team Sibol in the international scene of esports. Keeping the fire burning for 2024, PESO aims to elevate their industry in the Philippines for their players.

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Team Sibol is one of the most unrivaled teams in PESO. The team left a mark on the year 2023 after securing six medals during the Southeast Asian Games in May with two gold, one silver, and three bronze medals all throughout the esports titles in the tournament. They extended their stellar performance by winning gold at the International Esports Federation in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, and a silver medal in Tekken 7. The Philippines concluded to be the overall champion, surpassing 111 nations at the IESF World Championship.

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According to Sibol general manager, Jabs Escutin, they “take immense pride in supporting a team of talented and passionate players who have been training relentlessly to represent our country.” Additionally, he believes that Team Sibol will keep its momentum in the global stage this 2024.

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Following this milestone, PESO commits to providing support to continue improving the country’s performance in esports. Their goals include the following:

  • Esports Facility Construction

Just like sports athletes, PESO aims to create a facility wherein athletes could train, hold events, and broadcast live streams. The organization has already prepared the blueprints for the construction, and is in the final stages of guaranteeing funding. 

  • National Grassroots Programs Expansion

Making sure this opportunity just doesn’t stop at one region, PESO aims to identify and improve players in the grassroots and has already made plans with eight targeted locations in Visayas and Mindanao. 

  • Esports Infrastructure Enhancement

As PESO Executive Director Marlon Marcelo said, “PESO’s vision for 2024 is to create spaces that inspire excellence and propel esports to new heights.”

The esports facility they have planned is envisioned to go beyond being a training ground, but to be a place equipped with the finest technology to further support players.

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This exciting journey in 2024 is a lit torch for PESO. With their objectives in place and unwavering dedication, it is no doubt that they can solidify the country’s footing in the scene of esports. As Team Sibol continues to push boundaries, we can only take pride in the amazing things that they have done so far, as well as in the future generations of esports athletes in the country who will continue their legacy.

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