This Viral Aircon in a Bottle Might Just Be What You Need This Summer

With this heat, wishing for a Genie in a bottle won’t cut it. 

Have you been feeling the heat lately? It’s so hot that it’s making us wish we could have our personal aircon; oh wait, we can! But it’s not the literal air conditioning unit you would expect. Do you want to find out what it is? Keep reading. 

Photo from Shopee

A tweet recently went viral after Twitter user @issaberds introduced “Aircon in a Bottle.” Aircon in a bottle is a shirt and body cooling mist by Scents & Memories.

“If u going out in hot weather, I cannot recommend this enough. Aircon in a Bottle is a lifesaver! Spray it inside your shirt, and it feels just like the name describes.”


In the comment section, the uploader also shared that the mist does not leave any sticky feeling and leaves no trace after it dries.

Body cooling sprays have been trending lately because they help people feel cool amidst the insane heat. Other users have now come forward to share their cooling spray finds. If you want to try it out yourself, the Aircon in a Bottle is available on Shopee.

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