Here are 5 YouTubers from Cebu you should be watching

Mga Sugboanons, do you know a Cebuano YouTuber?

With the growth of YouTube, people now have a platform to tell their stories, express their creativity, and interact with a large audience. 

A thriving community of content creators has been growing in the bustling city of Cebu, producing a variety of interesting content that reflects their unique perspectives. 

Despite this, most of us do not know any Cebuano online personalities outside of those on Facebook. Why not explore another platform? 

We got you covered. Here are five Cebuano YouTubers you can start with, and should subscribe to if you want to support your fellow Cebuano peers and discover new content to keep yourself entertained!

1. Joshien – Pre-law Insights and Personal Vlogs

Joshien, a pre-law student at the University of San Carlos, offers viewers an insightful peek into the life of a law student. 

Her vlogs cover various aspects of studying, including tips on taking notes and managing the demands of a pre-law course. 

Additionally, Joshien shares personal vlogs that give a glimpse into her daily life, providing a relatable and informative experience for her subscribers.

2. Isabela Deutsch – Adventures and Beauty Tips

Isabela Deutsch, a German-Pinay content creator, takes her viewers on exciting daily adventures through her vlogs. 

With a focus on beauty-related content, Isabela shares her tips and tricks, drawing from her experience as a beauty pageant contestant. 

Whether you’re interested in exploring Cebu’s hidden gems or seeking beauty inspiration, Isabela’s channel offers a delightful blend of adventure and beauty.

3. Jen Barangan – Former Flight Attendant Chronicles

Jen Barangan gained internet fame through her TikTok videos, where she shared snippets of her life as a flight attendant. 

Although she recently lost her job due to the pandemic, Jen continues to be an active YouTuber with over 900,000 subscribers. 

Her channel provides a window into her life, offering insights into the aviation industry and sharing her experiences. 

Aspiring flight attendants will find valuable information and inspiration from Jen’s journey!

4. Anne Cruz Vlogs – Authenticity, Fitness, and Makeup

Anne Cruz, a Cebu-based vlogger and video game streamer, prides herself on staying true to her authentic self. 

Her YouTube channel offers a wide range of content, including her fitness journey, passion for makeup, and even her personal experience with cosmetic surgery. 

Anne’s transparency and relatability make her channel an engaging platform for those interested in fitness, beauty, and personal growth.

You can boost the content of these outstanding Cebuano YouTubers and help the local creative scene by subscribing to and supporting them. 

They are excellent examples of Cebuano brilliance in the digital sphere thanks to their individual points of view, creativity, and commitment to what they do. 

As they say, hit that subscribe button, and embark on the journey with these amazing Cebu-based content creators!

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