Work Like a Girl: These 4 Cebuana Womenpreneurs Show How Women Can Dominate the Business World.

Being an entrepreneur is not for the faint of heart. Entrepreneurship requires guts, faith, and hard work. However, people who aspire to be entrepreneurs are risk-takers. They do not limit themselves to dreaming but push themselves to make their dreams come true.

Before, the world of entrepreneurship and business was heavily dominated by men, but today, women have come forward to show the world that they, too, can run an empire. Last March, we celebrated Women’s month, but showing appreciation to all powerful women worldwide does not stop there.

Meet four outstanding Cebuana entrepreneurs who are shaping Cebu’s economy, one client at a time. These women are feisty and are unafraid to take that leap of faith. In this pilot write-up for the new Sugboprenerus, they will share how truly fulfilling and empowering it is to “Work Like a Girl.”

1. Victoria Tancinco

From selling dried flower decoratives online to owning her restaurant, Victoria Tancinco is slaying as a “Foodtrepreneur.” 25-year-old Victoria Tancinco graduated from De La Salle College in Benilde. She was a Hotel Restaurant and Management Student.

Victoria shared with us that studying and living in Manila made her independent and that she learned how to get around alone. Her business venture started during the pandemic when she established an online business called “Cortaderia by Victoria.” The shop sells customized dried flower pieces.

She also started a milk tea business before officially opening her restaurant. Then, without knowing anything about business, Victoria took the risk and opened “Polita,” her little restaurant.

Despite the challenges she faces, Victoria fought so hard for Polita. But, of course, opening a business comes with challenges. The young entrepreneur said during the interview that she made decisions that were not good for the business, yet she did not let herself drown in regret.

“Each day, I wake up regretting, but what else is there to do than to get back up” She expressed. “If things are always going well, you won’t be able to learn,” the restaurant owner continued.

Not only is Victoria, a good entrepreneur, but she is also a good boss to her employees. Her father always tells her, “If you take care of your staff, they take care of your business.” So her goal is not to get rich but to provide jobs for people who need them.

Victoria sends a message to all aspiring young entrepreneurs, “You have to study everything before getting into it. The world is your classroom. You will learn from experiences and meet new people”. She also stresses that creating a good rapport between you and your clients is always essential.

2. Dr. Melissa Manglapus

Do you think there is a thing such as a “spontaneous” career choice? Because that’s precisely how this 26-year-old chose her profession.

Dr. Melissa Manglapus is the owner of Metro Smile. The doctor of smiles gladly shared with Sugboph how she spontaneously decided to be a dentist after high school. From there, she fell in love with the art of Dentistry, which made her the fantastic dentist she is today.

She worked for a dental clinic in Cebu for two years but resigned to help with the family business. Being away from her profession made her realize she wanted to open her own clinic.

According to Dr. Melissa, establishing a business was difficult at first because there were a lot of dental clinics in Cebu already. However, she slowly gained clients, and it went on from there.

She also experienced challenges as a young dentist. Patients would be skeptical about getting her services because she looked young, but she gave them the best service. She also emphasizes how she earns trust and takes care of them.

Because of her hard work and determination, she established Metro Smile as it is today. She can also now buy materials for her clinic with her hard-earned money.

“If you start with small goals, the more you accomplish them and the more fulfilling they become,” was what the young Dentist said when asked to give tips to dental students going through the challenges of dentistry.

She also inspires fellow women not to be afraid of their passion, “Do not be afraid to become a girl boss as long as you know what you are passionate about.”

Dr. Melissa Manglapus is giving people the confidence to smile one tooth at a time.

3. Denesse Yu

Some people like the idea of independence when it comes to growth and success, but this next entrepreneur is proud to say that her husband is her pillar of strength as she enters the world of business.

Denesse Yu owns an Asian Fusion restaurant called “Hachimitsu.” Hachimitsu is one of the popular places to enjoy Unli-Yakiniku, with a view of the Queen City of the South. But what people do not know is that the restaurant had a humble beginning.

Denesse Yu grew up loving her father’s cooking, ultimately leading to her interest in cooking. In an interview with Sugboph, she revealed that she established Hachimitsu after marriage.

She loves to cook for her husband and sees that she gives him the best meals every single day. Her husband loves her cooking so much that he encouraged her to go to culinary school.

After culinary school, she took a leap of faith and started a food tray and food pack business before establishing her Yakiniku restaurant. As she began operations, she faced dilemmas along the way.

She truthfully shared that she was unprepared. She used to do everything from cooking, and being the purchaser. Her husband was also the one operating the cash register. The journey was treacherous, but it all worked out in the end. Denesse thanks the Lord today for guiding her throughout the process.

The entrepreneur also stressed that what she gained from her business was her relationship with her husband.  She said having people you can lean on and depend on is good.

“Just do it” those three words are what Denesse Yu carries to heart, and those three words came from her husband.

“Don’t over-analyze things, don’t overthink them. If you want to start to do it, start small. You make mistakes, but along the way, you will be successful as long as you are humble enough to move forward.”

If you want to learn more tips from Denesse Yu, she also has a blog where she writes about being a business owner. You can visit it here.

3. Roselane Tochip

Women are masters of design, and Roselane Tochip is proof. Roselane Tochip is one of the owners of Liña Design Studio, an interior design firm in Cebu.

Roselane’s passion for interior design made her realize she wanted to start her own design firm. Ever since she graduated and took the board exam, she knew she wanted to take up interior design. She worked for a company based in Cebu for four years before leaving her job and starting a business.

She met one of her good friends, Architect Manzano, and they mutually agreed to work together and start Liña Design Studio. Believe it or not, Roselane and Architect Manzao had zero capital. But that did not stop them from providing quality design by Cebuanos for Cebuanos.

But just like other business owners, Roselane also experienced a major setback during the pandemic. However, she expressed how she was still thankful because they still had ongoing projects.

Because of how they care for their clients, people who acquired their services trusted them to do the projects.

Since opening Liña Design Studio, Roselane and her team have been able to take the stairs of success, one step at a time. They joined an international interior design contest and won first place, talk about talent!

Roselane shared with us that one of their most significant accomplishment is being able to home the skills of their apprentices and make their clients happy,

Like Roselane, many aspiring entrepreneurs, especially women who want to take up interior design, are afraid to go out there and begin. However, Roselane stated that they should not be afraid. She tells everyone, especially women, that they are not in any way different from male architects and contractors.

“We are equipped with the same knowledge and wisdom they have.” The young interior designer also empowers women to “Not be intimidated by men in the workplace.” Of course, there will be discrimination but not enough to make you feel less of yourself. Instead, use that discrimination to rise above and succeed in a male-dominated profession.

It’s Time to Work Like a Girl

Women are warriors, dreamers, and doers. They will stop at nothing to reach their goals. Having womenpreneurs is amazing and such a big deal. Society is now changing, and the business world is from now on and forever will be Women-forward.

May these equally beautiful and strong women empower you to do what you never thought possible. Raise the flag and show the world how it is to WORK LIKE A GIRL.

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