Employee in China wins 365 Days of Leave With Pay

It has become a custom for company parties to do raffle draws. And if you are lucky enough, you might take home a microwave oven. But this employee in China won something even better than a microwave.

A company manager in Shenzhen, China, was in a surprise of a lifetime when he won 365 days of paid leave during the company’s yearly party. In a video posted, the employee can be seen holding a giant cheque concretizing his paid leave.

In the video posted, another employee mentions that the management will discuss with the winner. According to a report, the winner can encash his cheque or acquire his paid leave.

Moreover, it is said that it is the company’s first time offering that big of a prize. The firm’s annual party was shelved and pushed back because of the pandemic. 

However, this isn’t the first time a company in China has offered a full year of paid leave. According to reports, an employee in Shenzhen also won the same prize. The employee encashed half of his award and donated the other half to charity. 

Thinking of a company raffle prize? You might want to show this article to your boss. Who knows, you might get a full year of paid leave of your own.

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