103-year-old Christmas Tree Sells for P242k at an Auction

Who would have thought that a Christmas tree that was bought with pennies could sell out for thousands of dollars? 

A 103-year-old Christmas tree was sold at an auction for $4,328 or about P242,000 last December 15, 2023. 

Photo from Turkmenportal

The tree was bought by a woman named Dorothy Grant in the 1920s in England. Dorothy adorned the tree with cotton to mimic the look of snow. Since then, it has been a tree Dorothy displayed every Christmas. 

The small tree stands at 31 inches tall and has 25 branches. It was then passed down to Dorothy’s daughter, Shirley Hall after Dorothy died in 2014 at the age of 101. 

Photo from PEP.ph
Photo from Smithsonian Magazine

This year, 2023, Shirley auctioned off her mother’s special Christmas tree. Her reason for doing so is to honor her mother’s memory and to make sure that the tree survives more decades. 

Why would a small tree sell for thousands of dollars? Charles Hanson, owner of the auction house, explained that it was nostalgia that pulled people to buy the memorable Christmas tree. Initially, Charles thought the tree would sell only for $75 to $102, but it reached an amount no one would expect. 

Photo from Hansons Auctioneers

Even the simplest things can be priced more not because of their beauty but because of the history and memories that come along with them.

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