Shine Bright This Holiday Season with These 10 Public Christmas Trees in Cebu

Filipinos have always had a knack for being very extra during the Christmas season. Not one corner gets left not bedazzled during this time of year, much so as early as September 1st. Now that we’re approaching the much anticipated holiday, a lot of malls and establishments have made sure to keep up with the unbroken nature of the country.

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Today everywhere we look outside is decorated with ornaments like fairy lights, sleighs, and snow despite all of them clashing with our hot tropical climate. Nonetheless, it’s a heartwarming practice that most people in our country never fail to deliver. With that being said, here are 10 public Christmas trees in Cebu, gigantic and well-lit.


You know this had to be at the top of the list. The Christmas tree at the Fuente Circle is one of the oldest yuletide practices in our city, which a lot have come to love. Being in the heart of our city, most of the places we go require us to pass here, which is exactly why this is such a strategic placement for the tree, giving a moment to tired passengers to empty their full minds and just look up and up and up until they reach the tip of the tree.

Today, the Fuente Circle tree is complete and bright, and every night, the place is never empty because of the various stalls of food present in the area for the people who wish to stroll around. Activities and events are also held in the place on the big stage, giving people so much to look forward to during the holidays. This is one of the most accessible public Christmas trees in the city, considering where it is located, as well as the open space of the Fuente Circle.

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NUSTAR has established itself as one of the best malls and casino spots in the city, being a standout among other buildings we have in the city. Despite its relative distance from where most people reside, a lot still find their way here for what it has to offer. NUSTAR selects the theme “A Celestial Journey” for their celebration of the holidays, decorating their tree with star-themed ornaments. This giant sighting is definitely one for the eyes which you shouldn’t miss if you come to NUSTAR.

Aside from their Christmas tree lighting, NUSTAR is also giving back to their members who can now earn 50 reward points to score a raffle entry. Every day, 50 lucky winners get chosen to be given prizes such as dining vouchers, gaming credits, and appliances and gadgets with their “12 Days of Christmas” special. A special giveaway will also happen on December 25th.


Marco Polo welcomes the season with their “Tree of Hope”. The big tree has a very long tulle spiraling around it, along with other ornaments that make the 20-foot giant a lot more eye-catching.

Aside from their tree, Marco Polo focuses on their advocacy of empowering education with the help of the We Care Foundation. The Christmas tree lighting on November 27 was hosted by Ramon Sebastian, who also celebrated his birthday and will continue to work with the Sisters of Mary to carry out their plans to help children with their Christmas program.


SM Seaside prides itself on their 50-foot Christmas tree embellished with multiple baubles and tinsel. In a place where people go to shop, stroll around, and hang out, you have more reasons to pass by their Christmas tree and snap a picture or two. The Yuletide spirit is definitely alive in SM Seaside with their tree, decorations, and the music they play all day long.

Every Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday at 2:00 PM, 4:00 PM, and 6:00 PM, SM Seaside also introduces their Christmas mascots for children to meet. On the same days of the week at 2:00, 4:00, and 5:00 PM, The Seaside Santa Squad will also be there to hear your children’s Christmas wishes.


Ayala is no stranger to Christmas crowds, what with their amazing series of lights draped along the actual living trees in their terraces. What makes it better is that their lights are also in sync to the music that they play in the area. When the lights are turned on by 6:00 PM, the lightshow you’re about to see is truly jaw-dropping.

Aside from the Christmas tree lights on their living trees, Ayala also has a normal Christmas tree standing inside the mall. Located in their gallery, their 40-foot tree stands proudly with powerful luminescence and three suns at the tip instead of the usual singular star.


Waterfront Hotel is not at all letting you miss their Christmas trees. From the moment you step in their lobby, you will see their giant Christmas trees adorned with icy balls in different sizes, projecting a winter theme for everyone to enjoy.

Along with their “Silver Splendor” Christmas theme, Waterfront Hotel incorporates ‘Kapwa Ko, Mahal Ko,’ to their Christmas venture, choosing it as their beneficiary for their Corporate Social Program. This foundation focuses on giving accessible healthcare to children diagnosed with cancer. This, along with the other yuletide activities they are celebrating, they have claimed to be the true spirit of Christmas.


Even with a relatively smaller and simpler Christmas tree, Yello Hotel is still able to capture a genuine Christmas feeling with their decorations and Christmas specials. Their Christmas tree is adorned with glittery golden balls and folded traditional paypays or weaved fans that are native to the Philippines. This unique touch gives Yello Hotel’s tree an edge that captures both the Christmas spirit and Filipino culture.

Moreover, they now offer their Paskong Dilaw Christmas Staycation Package, wherein those who book a two-night stay from their social media page directly can enjoy a breakfast buffet and either a Christmas Eve dinner buffet or New Year’s Eve Countdown dinner buffet with live music and a free glass of wine. 


Comparable to what the Fuente Circle tree is to those living in the heart of Cebu City, Mandaue offers Christmas to their locals in the same magnitude. In their plaza stands a minimalist Christmas tree that gives us a fresh take on the popular holiday figure without losing its essence at all. The entire place is decorated with different lights that just make you feel that it finally is the season. Similar to Fuente Circle, there are also stalls of food you can enjoy in the area.


The inaugural Fairfield brand establishment in Cebu started their grand opening with a bang, hitting two birds with one stone with their ribbon cutting and Christmas tree lighting. The commencement of this new establishment in Mandaue invited guests not only to witness a ceremony but a holiday experience that encapsulates values of their industry, such as friendliness, warmth, and community, all of which are characteristic to Christmas itself.

It is worthwhile to both check out this new establishment and witness their Christmas tree.


Being home to both families and kids who yearn for a refreshing vacation, it is no surprise that Jpark participates in a tradition loved by many, one that embraces family and love as a form of celebration. Their Christmas tree demands not to be monochromatic and boasts a beautiful coexistence of blue, yellow, red, and green along the layers of the branches and leaves. 

To make the holidays more special, Jpark hosts offerings such as the “Jingle Bell Time” Christmas Party package for guests to have more memorable celebrations, whichever occasion they may wish to celebrate it for.

For many, Christmas might not only be a season to be spent inside but one where they also want to explore other places to ground their annual experience further. These places offer themselves to be beacons of the Christmas spirit, open and free for everyone to pass by and spend time with their loved ones.

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