10 Popular Websites To Learn Something New

Almost 2 years in from the pandemic, most of us have surely tapped our inner artists, designers and creators while going through the home quarantine. For those who were privileged enough to spend their time and took the quarantine as an opportunity to learn new things, tips and tricks have been popping online for various things to learn.

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Even though the pandemic is almost and hopefully nearing to an end, learning will always be a lifelong experience. Here are some interesting websites if you want to learn something new:

1. Coursera

Featuring free online courses from prestigious institutions like University of Michigan, Duke and IBM, Coursera is open for students who want to take online courses for free. Some of their popular courses range from undergraduate topics up to complicated and advanced ones.

2. Khan Academy

Even before the pandemic, Khan Academy has been very popular for students. The website has been acclaimed for its free, easy-to-use interface, and informative features. The website is a go-to place for students who wish to take their future SATs.

3. Skillshare

I’m sure you have already heard about Skillshare from YouTube ads. As the name suggests, Skillshare is a website that lets users learn literally any skill – from gardening, coding, video editing, cooking, you name it. Although really great, a premium account is needed to access all courses which start at US $15 per month.

4. Project Gutenberg

Named as a tribute after the inventor of the printing press, Project Gutenbers offers free e-books. With over 60,000 titles, the website lets users read some of the classics such as Moby Dick, Frankenstein and so much more.

5. Code Academy

They say that coding is the future, and Code Academy is a great place to start if you want to learn how to code. Code Academy offers coding lessons for various programming languages such as Ruby, C++ and many more. Advanced courses can be accessed via pro version, which can cost US $20 per month.

6. Duolingo

If you plan to visit countries in the future, then learning their basic native language is a great idea. Duolingo lets you practice speaking any different languages for free. One interesting feature of the app is that the site has a extremely terrifying owl that will shame you for learning a new language.

7. Pianu

As the name suggests, the site is a good place to start learning how to play the piano with just using your keyboard. The website offers free courses but if you are serious about learning how to play, a monthly fee is required for advanced lessons.

8. Sporcle

If you just want to waste time but in a productive way, Sporcle is a great avenue for quizzes or tests for literally everything. From pop culture like movies, music up to history, Sporcle is a great way to know if you still got your test-acing skills.

9. Alison

Just like Skillshare, Alison is a great alternative if you want to learn any skill. Courses that tackle on professional development up to daily things such as cooking are readily available here.

10. TedEd

TedEd is a great educational platform where videos are posted discussing and explaining various topics from health, science, literature, politics and many more. TedEd is basically the education arm of Ted Talks, a very popular discussion platform.

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