A Smart Helmet that Can Take Videos, Play Music, and More

Riding is as exhilarating as it is dangerous.

Whether you go motorcycle riding as a hobby or for daily use and convenience, one thing is for sure, a good helmet is non-negotiable and a must.

Photo from H-Audio Technologies

It is always safety first on the road. Now, a good quality helmet will keep your head safe in untoward circumstances but as the world evolves and modern technology, riding now have needs that a simple old helmet cannot provide.

Video documentation is everything nowadays as not only for entertainment or social media content but also as evidence when the time comes.  This as well as other smart digital tools that can help a biker on the road can be a life saver.

Now, a helmet that can give this support to a biker is now here and it is even smarter than you can imagine. This smart audio helmet is from H-Audio. It is perfect for those who ride bikes and e-scooters.

Photo from H-Audio Technologies

Smart Helmet features

  • perfect size to bring around
  • only takes 3 hours to charge
  • built-in safety light for 12 hours (at full charge)
  • listen to music for 36 hours (at full charge)
  • record videos of up to 6 hours (at full charge)
  • has buttons for each feature (on the side of the helmet)
  • comes with a remote to control the signal lights and hazards on the back of the helmet

The signal lights at the back of the helmet will signal anyone on the road to which direction you’re going whether you’ll be turning left or right. It is such a visible signal that may be proven very useful to the biker and the people driving around them.

This helmet is user friendly so once you get used to using it, you’ll be able to use all the buttons and functions with ease.

If you have a smart phone, watch and tv, it might be time for you to get a smart helmet too. Level up your biker life or every day ride now.

Other Information:

Product: H-Audio

Photo from H-Audio Technologies
Photo from H-Audio Technologies

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