This Shopee find is a must-have for every drinking sesh

“ako napud?” “paspasa gud sa tagay” “wa ka niinom noh?”

These are words that only legends know.

A long-standing debate that really seems to have no end in every drinking sesh or tagay session. 

Photo from Shopee

As the night gets deeper and the drinks seem to be bottomless, all the antics, excuses, and acting surface and the debate for equal sharing of the drinks start.

Lucky for all, this shop find will be the answer we’re looking for. We can now make sure no one is cheating on the shots again and track who is in the group.

Photo from Shopee
Photo from Shopee

This nifty dispenser will now become a must-have for all the next drinking sessions planned. It will be on the checklist of items to bring by the group or to whoever is tasked to bring it.

It will be either the life savior of every tanggero in the group or their downfall. This all depends on the kind of tanggero you have, one who cheats and gets all of the group drunk except for him/her or the one who gets wasted along with the group that can’t keep track of the shots.

The spotted drinking item is from an online store and will now be responsible for the drinks’ refill and equal volume distribution.

Dispenser features

  • made out of plastic
  • will evenly distribute your alcohol or any drink
  • pour many glasses at once
  • pass through six spouts
  • Price is P137 only
Photo from Shopee
Photo from Shopee

Enjoy your well-distributed drinks with the group and drink lots of water after, so steer away from a bad hangover. And when we say group, we’re referring to adults of drinking age. Drinking should also be done responsibly, so keep this in mind always.

Link: Shopee

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