Guide: Listen to Radio Stations from anywhere in the world

Have you ever had an internet discovery that makes you just giddy? Well, prepared to be mind blown.

The internet is just full of surprises as we found this virtual global map that would tune you into radio stations all over the world. Yes. The whole world.

Introducing the Radio Garden. It’s so incredible really, with just a click you can listen to what the other side of the world is listening to. It’s like you have a certain connection with them at that point. Just like looking at the same moon, you are listening to the same music, news, and conversations at the same time.

And when they say all radio stations it means all stations of the earth as it shows stations from the busiest cities to the most remote islands. You can hear different languages and tune in to their genre as well. It’s like a peek of what it’s like to live there.

You can turn the virtual globe upside down and around, if there’s a green station dot there, then you can click it and listen. And take note, it has a very good reception.

Click this link for the most amazing worldly experience of listening:

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