10 Pre-Pandemic Sinulog Memories We Will Never Forget

With the devastation brought by super typhoon Odette and the threat of the Omicron variant in Cebu, it’s a virtual celebration of Sinulog yet again.

But do you remember all the fun and memorable things that happens only during Sinulog before covid-19 happened?

Stay with me as we reminisce all the most epic and nostalgic things we missed during the Sinulog.

1. Human Barricade (NSTP students)

Whoever it is that didn’t get to experience this, have missed out on all the pushing and pulling, the never-ending complaints, the hunger, the too much sun exposure, and yet the most fun thing a student gets to experience during Sinulog. With Cebu being a center for learning and home to big universities, there is no shortage of students to become human barricade in the procession.

2. Street Parties

Colors, costumes, music, dancing, and all the smiling faces are what make a street party. The people celebrate Sinulog like they celebrate being alive which is one scene to see in your life. Remember what it felt like to feel happy just by watching people just enjoy themselves?

3. Music Festivals

The crowd and the hype of music festivals were unmatched as everyone just chant to the music and of course to “Pit Senor” and “Sinulog”. It was loud, energy-filled, chaotic and the most exhilarating thing to be a part of.

4. Fluvial Procession

This is a sight to behold indeed. A painting perfect scene as a variety of boat sails through the sea. Like the voyagers in the past, the travel of baby Jesus is accompanied by thousands of people. The morning sea breeze, the rising of the sun, and the festive yet solemn atmosphere are what we missed the most.

5. Grandest Fireworks “Showdown” from different major malls in Cebu

Remember the perfect end to everyone’s Sinulog? The direction that everyone seems to go to the moment it gets dark bringing cars, tents, food, and music. The picnic of all picnics gazing to the sky awaiting the most amazing fireworks, every year grander than the last.

6. Joyously “Pit Senyor” whoever we bump into 

During Sinulog everyone is your friend. Yes, there were no introverts during the festival. You can never take 10 steps without someone shouting Pit Senyor! even strangers. And if you bump into a friend? It’s whole (beautiful) chaos right there with all the hugging, jumping, and joyously shouting Pit Senyor!

7. Chanting “Pit Senyor sa mga ____ kini” every after the Novena Mass

Shouting, chanting to almost everything that we can add to that phrase was the highlight of every mass. It was a joyous praying which is what makes Sinulog very unique indeed. We dance and sing and laugh and pray at the same time.

Basilica Minore del Santo Niño (Photo by Migs Rizarri)

8. Long walks for the Procession, rain or shine

Millions of people on a solemn walk may it rain or shine. It’s not even a joke. It was millions of people praying. Devotees of Sto. Nino from all over the country come together all at once to give praise and gratitude. It’s the number of people together we will never see again if the pandemic won’t end.

9. Sinulog Grand Parade with Creative floats and their accompanying Celebrities

Sinulog had the grandest parade broadcasted nationwide. The colorful costumes of the Sinulog dancers, festival queens, amazing street dance choreographies and gigantic creative floats were there all day long. And let’s not forget part of why you were standing and waiting all day in those barricades is for the celebrities. 

10. Simply enjoying the festival

Sinulog was an event that entails walking several kilometers with no transportation, planning ahead for all the meetups because there will be no signal, and dancing and chanting our hearts out. The festival was always fun however we celebrated it. 

You do realize the value of things when they are gone. Like how epic, fun and awesome Sinulog was. We wish for this pandemic to end as soon as possible to get the grandest festival back in Cebu again.

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