People who have not yet caught Covid are more attractive: Study

Have you ever had covid?

If the answer to that is no then you might have just the confirmation that you are truly attractive.

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A theory by scientists that the more attractive you are, the stronger your immunity is which therefore makes you at lower risk of catching Covid have been tested.

The researchers took photos and blood tests of 79 women and 80 men at Texas Christian University and had 492 other volunteers rate the attractiveness of the faces of the participants.

Now you might say that they are clearly subjective since different people and places have different tastes but researchers’ take on that is there is a universal understanding of “good looks” that transcend time and even cultures. 

Features of Universal “good looks” according to the study are:

  • Clear skin
  • Prominent cheekbones
  • Bright eyes
  • Full red lips
  • Symmetrical face
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These features have been deemed attractive throughout recorded human history according to the published study which was supported by the results that most attractive participants had clear makers of better immunity in their blood samples.

The science of it comes from their higher levels of phagocytosis, a critical part of the immune system. It is a process by which specific white blood cells ingest foreign particles, that is very useful in fighting illnesses.

In clarification, the researchers propose that it’s not a person’s beauty that makes them more immune but it is their highly functioning immune system. And that this highly functioning immune system is in turn what makes them appear more attractive, in the eyes of other people. 

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They also proposed that these attractive facial features could actually be markers of good health and that our attraction may be rooted in our instinct to find a strong partner that will benefit the survival of our offspring which actually makes sense.

“The features that humans universally perceive as attractive may provide cues to unobservable qualities possessed by a target that impact fitness, including health and immune function,”

Immunologists on the other hand do think there could be a reason behind why some people appear super immune to Covid like because of their genes or prior immunity to other viruses but as of this writing no one knows and it remains a mystery.

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Having this study published though will make for some bragging rights for those who haven’t had covid yet.

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