This New, ‘Indestructible’ Nokia G21 boasts a 3-Day Battery Life

I think everyone and I mean every single human being knows the indestructible Nokia 3310.

Everything might get broken but trust that this Nokia phone will not. Nokia has their own legacy in providing us with durable mobile phones and they just held true to this reputation again as they launched a new member of their G series family, the Nokia G21.

Photo from Nokia

The Nokia G21 boasts of its three-day battery life. That is three days of not worrying if your phone might die on you and three days of not charging, talk about durable and energy saving.

This phone also takes quality photos even in low-light settings and makes gaming and binge-watching easier. And of course, the feature that makes them Nokia phones is their somehow “indestructability”, Nokia G21 is made from very tough polycarbonate to make sure it survives drops and falls.

This model is also thinner and more ergonomic to avoid unnecessary stress on our hands and body.

Photo from Nokia

First Mask mode on smartphones

It also introduces mask mode to affordable smartphones. Yes, android users can now have the chance and convenience of unlocking their phones with masks on. This is available for the first time on the Nokia G21, a phone that is very affordable too at just Php 9,990.

Nokia G21 Specific Features

  • 18W fast charge capability
  • 50MP triple camera with AI imaging
  • 6.5” screen
  • 90Hz refresh rate
  • Ready for Android 12TM (access to the latest features)
  • Nordic Blue (navy) colour variant
Photo from Nokia

No worries for its upkeep as you’ll have three years of monthly security updates that will work seamlessly in the background to protect users, so they can go about the day worry-free.

The device is a smartphone that can be kept for longer use and is one to consider if you want a phone that is reliable and will definitely last amidst harsh environment and experiences.

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  1. I’m a Nokia G21 user here and I really love how Nokia manufactured their smartphone and still using Polycarbonate which is a durable type of plastic. I really Trust Nokia Brand ever since and still looking forward that Unisoc improve more along with it’s competitor like Snapdragon, AMD and Helios. So far My Nokia G21 really amazed me like performance, Speed and durability and Most of All Battery Life, indeed, my G21 battery can last for 3-days but that is in a normal use but if you are a hard-gamer battery can only last for 1-day. Battery Life still depend on how you use your Phone. #ilovenokiaeversince


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