Netflix now allows you to remove titles from ‘Continue Watching’

A feature we never thought would be useful. Finally, here it is!

‘Continue watching’ is one of the best features on Netflix since we started subscribing to the streaming service. It saves us from the part of a movie or series where we left it off. It’s a great feature, but there’s also a disadvantage especially at times when we really don’t like a show or gave up binge-watching a series.

That’s why Netflix is introducing a new way for members to give your ‘Continue Watching’ row a fresh start and just want to clear or re-organize their Netflix interface.

Members around the world can remove a TV show or movie from your ‘Continue Watching’ row on all devices, including TV, with the click of a button. Simply click on a show or film, and select “Remove from Continue Watching” from the page options. If you change your mind, you can also undo that removal by clicking the back arrow button. 

Here are the steps to use this feature:


  1. Place your cursor over a title in the Continue Watching row.
  2. Select Remove From Row.


  1. Go to the details page of a TV show or movie in the Continue Watching row.
  2. From the menu, select Remove from Continue Watching.

Mobile devices

  1. Tap Menu for a title in the Continue Watching row.
  2. Select Remove From Row.

Whether you’re deleting a new pick you’re not feeling, an old favorite you’ve rewatched too many times, or Marie Kondo-ing your whole row, this new button lets you constantly keep your ‘Continue Watching’ row fresh and filled with the shows and movies you can’t wait to watch.

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