Will you move to Italy for P1.6 Million?

I think it’s time to move to Italy.

Yes. You’ve read it right. Italy is asking people to move to their beautiful villages and will pay you 1.6 million Pesos.

Calabria is a region in the south-western part of Italy and has a population of about 2 million. It has a very rich cultural heritage, punctuated by breathtaking architecture.

I don’t know about you but this is way more than a win. The Southern Italian village of Calabria needs people to live there to reverse population decline, a program known as the “Active Residency Income Project.”

Now, that’s a very generous offer just for existing.

Calabria is commonly referred to as the ‘toe of Italy’ due to the unusual shape that Italy’s landmass has. It appears to take the shape of a boot, sticking out of the continent and into the sea.

And the place is not even shabby, you can live your aesthetic life like the beauty of Italy is nothing but elegance and light and you can binge all the pasta, gelato and other Italian food that you like.

Resident requirement

  • Anyone under the age of 40
  • Commits to starting a local business or work professionally
  • Willing to move to Calabria in southern Italy in 90 days after approval of application.

Said to be an experiment of social inclusion, immigrants are also tasked with boosting the local economy. Also, these villages were asked what type of professionals they’re missing to attract specific workers to move there.

As far as topography is concerned, Calabria is a region that boasts of both, a glorious coastline and also some fascinating mountain ranges.

This program aims to draw people to live in the region and revamp Italy’s south wherein the demand for jobs meets supply.

“The goal is to boost the local economy and breathe new life into small-scale communities,” – Gianluca Gallo, a regional councilor.

The program will be open for applications soon so ready yourself and pack up your life for the adventure of a lifetime in Italy. We will update this post once the official website for the application is up.

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  1. Hi, Iʼm willing to give a try. I am from Cordova, Cebu, Philippines. Please let me know what are the requirements. Thank you and have a great day ahead!

  2. Hi

    I’m from cebu, Philippines. I am interested for this opportunity, tell me what I need to prepare.

    Thank you

  3. From Cebu Philippines here,Willing to grab this opportunity count me in!please let me know what are the things that need to prepare thankyou:))


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