Lantaw IL Corso: Good food with a stunning view by the bay

“You’ve never experienced Cebu until you’ve experienced Lantaw.”

Lantaw Seafood and Grill has always been one of the OG (original) Filipino restaurants Cebuanos love to keep coming back to. It’s not only known for its good food and family-friendly ambiance, but also a unique dining experience that makes the restaurant a ‘destination’.

The good news is, after quite some time, Lantaw is finally back in its original place in South Road Properties (SRP) in Cebu City but now tenfolds better! The all-new Lantaw IL Corso boasts the perfect spot for viewing the sunset, the sea, and Cebu’s longest bridge, the Cebu-Cordova Expressway (CCLEX).

Lantaw IL Corso can accommodate up to 200 people at a time with its spacious 2-story al fresco structure. Diners will surely enjoy the big open space, the cool sea breeze, and the amazing food and drink selections.

Lantaw’s regular customers come back for their best-sellers such as their crispy pata, tuna panga, crispy kare-kare, and buttered shrimp. Their succulent and cheesy baked scallops are also a must-try, and of course, all their fresh seafood dishes are just as good.

Lantaw IL Corso is now open to the public, from 11AM to 9PM daily. The best time to go is in the late afternoon to catch the sunset. But since the place is newly opened, expect an influx of customers, especially during dinner. They also cannot accommodate reservations for now until further notice.



  • Crispy pata
  • Tuna panga
  • Crispy kare-kare
  • Buttered shrimp




Exact location: Il Corso, North Parking Area, South Road Properties, Cebu City — approx. 18-25 minutes away from SM City Cebu.

BY CAR/GRAB/TAXI: Navigate with Waze or Google Maps and set your destination to “IL Corso North Parking Area”. The estimated fare is ₱150-200 from SM City Cebu.

BY MYBUS: MyBus buses are now passing to and from three different stops within City di Mare and Il Corso. Residents and passengers within the City di Mare are able to go to as far as Talisay City in the south and up north until the Mactan-Cebu International Airport (MCIA).

Bus fares are similar to other stops and range between P25 to P40.

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  1. My husband, myself , father and brothers ate here yesterday.

    We were overcharged for BAD food.

    My husband chicken had very little meat mostly bones.

    We paid a lot for our food but it tasted like garbage.

    The broken glass, plastic, diapers, dead fish and other garbage all over the place made the food VERY hard to eat.

    The wind blew the disgusting garbage smell from all over their place into my nose and mouth.

    Every chew and bite tasted like the garbage all over the place.

    We got very sick. Now i see the other bad reviews people left.

    I told the staff but tlhe laughed like it was funny!

    I also showed the fat and little meat on the plate of chopped pork on bones and the staff told me to pay more for more chopped pork on the bone.

    I asked for a discount because of how gross this place is and he said no.

    Money is more important than customers feelings.

    Be careful of this place and see the bad reviews all over before you think of comming.

    Such a over priced smelly bad quality garbage all over stinky place!

  2. Very disappointed and sick!

    I brought my family here and we all left sick.

    Now I understand why they have so many bad reviews!

    There was garbage EVERYWHERE.

    The place smelled like dead rotting fish and not only that, but this place over charges for low quality food. See the pictures I attached.

    The wind was blowing the rotting garbage smell into my nose and mouth.

    As I was chewing my food I got very sick.

    Because of the rotting fish and garbage all over the place the food started to taste and smell like the garbage!

    The food tasted and smelled like the garbage in the pictures I posted.

    I’m wondering where they got positive reviews with such a disgusting place. Also, if you come expect no meat on your wings.

    I paid a lot for a few dishes of wings and a pitcher of juice. I showed them how little meat is on the wings and how dry they were and he said if I want more wings then pay and get more plates.

    Absolutely a horrible over charged 1,465.00 paid to these people…

    Be warned! Foreigners think twice!

    Definitely not recommended!!!

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