Japan finally welcomes Foreign Tourists starting June 10

Okaerinasai everyone.

Finally, after two years, we can now visit Japan again. It is time for our revenge travel to start from being cooped up for two years in our homes.

Nagawa-Machi, Japan | Photo from Unsplash

Japan will start accepting foreign tourists by June 10 so you better be ready your wallets and your yukata.

Though accepting foreign tourists, Japan has a set of strict conditions as they have remained cautious with the country still having a surge of COVID-19 cases, averaging 30,000 in the month of May.

International Travel Personnel Accepted

  • Japanese nationals
  • International students
  • Academics
  • Businesspersons
  • Tourists from part of “package tours.” (by June 10)

Japan will only accept tourists from 98 countries on the blue list. No worries, Philippines is definitely on that blue list.

Dotonbori, Chuo Ward, Osaka, Japan | Photo from Unsplash

Tourist requirements:

  •  Three COVID-19 shots: first dose, second dose, and a booster shot.
  • Tourist backpackers or those without travel agencies will not be allowed to enter.
  • Package tours must be organized by a Japan-based travel agency or operator
  • Must present a negative PCR test prior to departure
  • Tourists from the blue list do not need to quarantine.

They will make the changes though slow taking into consideration the status of infections in Japan.

Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan | Photo from Unsplash

“We will continue to assess the situation, and intend to make a step-by-step return to accepting people as in normal times.”


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