Guiwanon Cold Spring in Tabogon: 100-Peso Entrance Fee

Update: The Guiwanon Cold Spring has finally reopened after almost a year of renovation. From ₱25 to ₱50, the entrance fee has skyrocketed to ₱100 per head.

Summertime is here. Apart from hitting the beach, the best way to beat the scorching heat of the sun this season is to chill and swim in a natural yet clean cold spring.

Featured on our Facebook Page two weeks ago, the enchanting Guiwanon Cold Spring in Tabogon Northern Cebu trended on social media and reached almost one million people. It became popular for its simple and natural scenery — an unsophisticated place yet so calm, charming and unique. The water is really refreshing!

The pool is divided into two: the shallow and the deeper one (around 6 feet deep). So if you want to dive, there’s a “balete” tree near the deeper portion.

Photo by Wardah Ann
Photo by Wardah Ann
Photo by Wardah Ann
Photo by Aimee Ebcas Tumampo
Photo by Katie Perry

Rates & Other Information

  • Entrance fee: ₱100 per adult; ₱50 per kid
  • Operating hours: 6AM to 6PM, Saturdays & Sundays only (Open on weekends only)
  • NO Corkage Fee
  • Contact number: 0922-408-7736

Last trip from Tabogon to Cebu City is 7PM. If you plan to go overnight, there are affordable accommodations nearby for as low as P400 for 2pax. Or you may opt to stay at 4-star resorts such as Bunzie’s Cove and Sea Turtle Lagoon with rates of around P2,500 per night for 2pax.

How to get there?

Exact location: Brgy. Maslog, Tabogon Cebu — approx. 3 hours away from the city.

From the North Bus Terminal, ride a bus going to Tabogon – just read the signs for Tabogon via Borbon. Inform the driver to drop you off at Guiwanon. The cold spring is along the main road heading to Tabogon proper. Bus fare is ₱80-90 per way.

There’s a parking fee of ₱20 for 4-wheelers and ₱10 for 2-wheelers.

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  1. We are planning to have ou gateway vacation ds coming September 18 onward a minimum of 4 persons or more,, and planning to stay for overnight,, thus the resort has an accommodation for us, or still have to book or find another place,, if thus could it not make hassle to our part especially that we are strangers from the place and we don’t have any known person to facilitate us,, thank you for your reoly

  2. I just want to clarify something. It is said that the best time to go there is on weekdays and yet it is open on weekends only.

  3. Hi,

    Good Day!

    I am Jean Marie Caya from Lilo-an Cebu. My mother is from Suba 1, Tabunok, Sogod Cebu. We are planning to go there on April 6, 2019 (Saturday). More or less there will be 20 Adults, 3 teenagers and 6 kids. Now, I am a bit confused with regards to the entrance fee. Upon opening after the renovation I knew that the entrance fee is 50 pesos, but yesterday I read a post from someone, inviting us to Guiwanon and saying that the entrance fee is 150 pesos. May you please confirm to me the exact amount how much is the ENTRANCE FEE? I am really baffled which is which. I really am hoping a response from you. It will be highly appreciated.

    Thank you.



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