7 Easy, Natural Ways to get rid of Mosquitos at home

It’s that time of the year again where mosquitos are everywhere.

We can more or less handle mosquitos with electric fans and mosquito nets but mosquito bites during their season can cause more than skin irritation and result in serious illnesses like dengue, malaria and more. 

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We have of course the tried and tested Katol (mosquito coils) and to the more high-end homes, UV lights, but did you know that there are other easy and natural ways to get rid of them?

We have listed here 7 ways to get rid of mosquitos in your own homes.

1. Use your plants plantitas

Small pots of basil, marigolds, tulsi, mint, lemongrass and citronella can naturally repel mosquitos. So, if you have these useful plants just lying around and place them at the entry points of your home. In particular, basil leaves that are more commonly known for cooking can kill mosquito larvae. Get those plants to work plantitas. 

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2. Crush some garlic

Garlic can repel not just some humans but has natural properties to repel mosquitoes too. Get those extra garlic in your kitchen and crush a few cloves like when you’re cooking and soak them in water. Place it into a spray bottle and spray the solution all-around your home.

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3. Use Eucalyptus Oil as furniture

Lemon eucalyptus oil is an essential oil available in drug stores so they are very easy to acquire. Eucalyptus is known for its refreshing scent and is used as a natural, mosquito-repelling perfume. You just have to take a cotton ball and soak it with the essential oil and swipe it onto your soft furnishings.

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4. Spray some Tea Tree Oil/Lavender Oil

Essential oils are the mortal enemy of mosquitos it seems as tree tea oil and lavender oil can be used to keep mosquitos away too. First, the tea tree oil contains anti-bacterial properties that repel mosquitos away while lavender oil with all its lovely scent to us, it has an opposite effect on mosquitos. So just add a few drops of these oils into a spray bottle of water and spray it around your home. 

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5. Placing some Dry Ice

Dry ice is not just for show or magic. It also makes for an effective mosquito repellent by placing it in an inexpensive mosquito trap. There is  this carbon dioxide gas  from dry ice that attracts mosquitos luring them into the trap. 

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6. Spread some Beer scent

Okay this one may be fun especially for those who loves beer. Get a beer can from your stash in the fridge already, and keep it open in your room. They hate the smell of beer so it will drive the mosquitos out.

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7. Vinegar

Probably the easiest but not the most fragrant. Get about one cup of vinegar the mix it three cups of water and place it in a spray bottle then spray it around the home. If you really can’t take the smell, alternative is apple cider vinegar.

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These are all just to repel but also try to look around your home to get to where they are nesting. Get rid of small bodies of water where mosquitos could lay eggs. Be vigilant and be safe.

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