2023 Travel Goals: Foreign Countries with direct flights from Cebu

What way to start 2023 than to list down your next travel destinations? It will be a new year full of new opportunities and new travel goals. Let 2023 be your year full of abundance, fun, and new amazing experiences outside of the Philippines.

Dubai, UAE | Photo from Unsplash

It is time to go out on fantastic adventures with family and friends, or even on your own with the following countries you can visit with direct flights from Cebu.

1. Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok, Thailand – The city of Angels, should definitely be part of your 2023 travel destination list. Bangkok is famous for its cultural landmarks and its red-light districts. The nightlife scene in Bangkok is also something that you definitely have to experience in your lifetime.

There are about 378 direct flights per week from Cebu to Bangkok

Here are the following airlines that offer Cebu to Thailand direct flights:

  • Philippines AirAsia
  • Cebu Pacific
  • Thai AirAsia
  • AirAsia
  • Scoot

2. South Korea

South Korea- the Land of the Morning Calm, is every K-drama and K-pop fan’s dream destination. Aside from Kpop Idols and Korean fried chicken, South Korea offers amazing cultures, clothing, and cuisine as well.

One of the most visited places in South Korea is the Namsan Seoul Tower which offers a beautiful view of the city at night.

Here are the following Airlines that offer flights from Cebu to South Korea:

  • JEJUair
    • Incheon to Cebu/Cebu to Incheon
    • 2x weekly (Tue&Fri)
  • JinAir
    • Incheon to Cebu/Cebu to Incheon
    • 1x weekly
  • Asia Airlines
    • Incheon to Cebu/Cebu to Incheon
    • 1x weekly (Monday)

3. Taipei, Taiwan

Taipei is Taiwan’s capital city. It boasts amazing temples that go back to the dynasties. Not only that, but it also has an array of Chinese art. Also, the cultural aspect successfully mixes with the city’s modern age.

There are also a lot of amazing restaurants in Taipei that offer amazing cuisines that are unique to your palette.

Here are the airlines that offer direct flights from Cebu to Taipei:

  • China Airlines
    • 4x weekly (Mon, Tue, Thu, Sat)
  • EVA Air
    • Taipei to Cebu/Cebu to Taipei
    • 1x weekly (Fri)

4. Hongkong

Hong Kong is not only famous for its thriving economy, but it is also a hot pot of amazing cultures. It is the culinary capital of Asia because of its delicious local dishes and food fusions from around the world.

If you love shopping, you will surely love Hong Kong since it is filled with luxurious shopping malls, trendy boutiques, and even traditional stores.

Here are the airlines that offer direct flights from Cebu to Hong Kong:

  • Cathay Pacific
    • Hong Kong to Cebu/Cebu to Hongkong
    • 2x weekly (Tue & Fri)
  • Philippine Airlines

5. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

See the Petronas Twin Towers in person and visit Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. KL offers amazing culture which is why it is considered one of Southeast Asia’s gems. There are also a lot of food varieties and flavorful Malaysian cuisine in the city.

Here are the airlines that offer direct flights from Cebu to Kuala Lumpur:

  • AirAsia Philippines
    • 3x weekly

6. Doha, Qatar

Doha, Qatar boasts its tradition and modernity. Not only that, but you will also find yourself enjoying fun outdoor activities from skydiving to scuba diving. Doha is also filled with amazing museums that capture different cultures.

Another thing to look forward to in Doha is its out-of-this-world architecture. You will see amazing skyscrapers and tall buildings.

Here are the airlines that offer direct flights from Cebu to Doha, Qatar

  • Qatar Airways
    • Doha to Cebu/Cebu to Doha
    • Daily flights

7. Los Angeles, CA

When you hear Los Angeles, you immediately think of Hollywood. However, there are other more things that Los Angeles can offer. Los Angeles is also known for its amazing beaches such as Santa Monica, Malibu, Venice Beach, and Long Beach.

Not only that, but in Los Angeles, you can also find yourself in the magical world of Universal Studios Hollywood.

Currently, the only airline that offers direct flights from Cebu to Los Angeles is Philippine Airlines.

8. Dubai, UAE

Last but definitely should not be the least on your list is Dubai. Dubai is one of the most famous destinations for the holidays. With its amazing skyscrapers, luxury life, and culture, Dubai boasts a lot of amazing things to offer to international tourists.

Dubai is also famous for the Burj Khalifa which is one of the tallest buildings in the world. It has a great view of the city from high up.

Here are the airlines that offer Cebu to Dubai direct flights:

  • Emirates
    • Dubai to Cebu/Cebu to Dubai

What are you waiting for? Go and book your flight and turn your 2023 travel goals into reality!

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