Cebu still richest province in PH for 8th consecutive time

According to the latest report from the Commission on Audit (COA), Cebu has maintained its title as the nation’s richest province for the past eight years.

Based on COA’s Annual Financial Report on Local Government Unit, Cebu has total assets worth P215.270 billion.

Rizal, which has assets of P30.637 billion, came far in second place behind Cebu.

Here is the ranking of the local government units (LGUs) in terms of assets as prepared by the COA:


  1. Cebu: P215.27 billion
  2. Rizal: P30.637 billion
  3. Batangas: P29.705 billion
  4. Davao de Oro: P23.211 billion
  5. Bukidnon: P19.455 billion
  6. Negros Occidental: P10.025 billion
  7. Ilocos Sur: P17.907 billion
  8. Iloilo: P17.399 billion
  9. Isabela: P16.419 billion
  10. Palawan: P16.108 billion


  1. Quezon City: P451.007 billion
  2. Makati: P238.561 billion
  3. Manila: P65.252 billion
  4. Pasig City: P51.176 billion
  5. Taguig: P36.116 billion
  6. Cebu City: P33.343 billion
  7. Mandaue: P33.006 billion
  8. Mandaluyong P31.44 billion
  9. Davao City: P26.555 billion
  10. Caloocan: P23.383 billion


  1. Carmona, Cavite: P6.211 billion
  2. Limay, Bataan: P4.794 billion
  3. Silang, Cavite: P3.738 billion
  4. Cainta, Rizal: P3.393 billion
  5. Taytay, Rizal: P3.274 billion
  6. Binangonan, Rizal: P3.141 billion
  7. Caluya, Antique: P3.11 billion
  8. Sta. Maria, Ilocos Sur: P3.044 billion
  9. Cabugao, Ilocos Sur: P2.966 billion
  10. Rodriguez, Rizal: P2.915 billion

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