This colorful, affordable Candy Store actually exists in Tisa, Cebu City

Push that extra sweetness in your life as the sweetest combo is now here in Tisa, Cebu City.

Candies and Milktea are now being offered at the newly opened Lolli Milktea and Candy Store near the entrance to the South Hills of Tisa in Cebu City.

The term Lollies in Australia refers to sweets, candy, and confectionery which may be the inspiration behind its name.

Photo from LOLLI Milktea & Candy Facebook Page

This store is a perfect answer to those who are planning something special for the valentines. Giving something delicious and sweet as a valentine’s gift just got easier and accessible indeed.

Photo from LOLLI Milktea & Candy Facebook Page

In Lolli, you’ll find all sorts and types of candies. It’s a literal candy land for all those sweet-toothed friends. Colorful sweet and sour candies in jars and plastic tubs are all lined up for you to choose from.

Candy collection:

  • Gummy Sweet Banana, starfish, caterpillar, dolphin, etc.
  • Gummy bears
  • Candy beans
Photo from LOLLI Milktea & Candy Facebook Page

The fragrant Taiwan milk tea is also something that you cannot miss when visiting the store. With Taiwan having the best milk tea concoctions, it will definitely taste phenomenal.

Awaken your spirit and improve your day with this bit of sugar rush to your body.

Photo from LOLLI Milktea & Candy Facebook Page

Other Information:


Exact location: Entrance to South Hills, Tisa, Cebu City

BY BUS: Ride any PUJ or Beep to Tisa. Tell the driver to drop you off at the crossing before Tabaylawm.

BY CAR: Navigate with Waze or Google Maps and set your destination to “Lolli Milktea and Candy” in Tisa. Parking space is available.

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