Canada needs 1 million workers over next 5 years with Filipinos having the advantage

It seems like everyone want to move to Canada.

The health benefits and the quality of life there are sure advantageous and the country is very friendly to the Filipino immigrants and employees as well.

Granville Island, Vancouver, BC, Canada | Photo from Unsplash

Your dreams of working to Canada will sooner be realized than you think because they just announce that they need about a million workers in the next five years.

This is to compensate a serious labor shortage as birth rates have fallen in Canada with people being careful and smart in their family planning. More Canadian youth are also moving to big cities for high-paying jobs in the financial, communication and service. Skilled manpower for other sectors in the economy has decreased in the last decades as well.

Filipinos and Canadian have a well-maintained relationship already with Philippines having entered into bilateral labor agreements with the various provinces of Canada like Ontario, Quebec and Alberta. They have thousands of overseas Filipino workers who have settled there since 2004.

Toronto, Canada | Photo from Unsplash

Our workers here will soon get the go sign as several provinces in Canada have been given permission by Ottawa to hire temporary foreign workers until 2024. Us Filipinos though have a unique advantage from others as we have great English-speaking skills and are considered an English-speaking country.

It should be noted though to be wary of direct hiring of some immigration consultancies and bloggers posting hundreds of jobs in Canada.

There are several licensed recruitment agencies for thousands of jobs available in Canada accredited by the Philippine Overseas Employment Agency (POEA).  Keep in mind that under the recruitment of these agencies, a placement fee is not allowed.

Vancouver, Canada | Photo from Unsplash

Interested jobseekers applying will only spend for his passport once they have been given accredited Canadian job orders. Even medical exams may be shouldered by the potential employer according to recruitment consultant and migration expert Manny Geslani.

We all want a fast processing but also keep in mind that fast does not necessarily mean legal or safe.

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  1. Hello , I am interested to work in Canada for any position that you may think that I suit on. I am presently a quality assurance inspector in an electronics company here in Philippines for about 3 years and 4 months as regular employee, undergraduate in a course of Bachelor of science in civil engineering up to 4th year. I want to take an opportunity if you may as my preparation for my family’s future hopefully you may guide us on details and procedures regarding on how to acquire for a job there in Canada.

  2. Hello good morning, I amm interested in applying any jobs in Canada. How to apply and what are the requirements needed?

    Hope to receive a feedback regarding this matter.

  3. April 14, 2022
    Name: Aubrey Gayle E. Pacunla Age: 18
    Contact No.: 09651386544
    Address: Lilo-an, Cebu , Philippines Gender: Female
    Civil status: Single Religion:Roman Catholic

    Dear: Ma’am/Sir,
    I would like to inform you about the job fair,
    I am very Interested for this oppurtunities, I want to apply this job no matter what job position is. Hoping that you will notice my mesage.

    Sincerely Yours,
    Aubrey Gayle E. Pacunla

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