Baby Dinosaur perfectly preserved in its fossilized egg

Now, I know what you were thinking because I was thinking the same thing. A perfectly preserved dinosaur egg found? Might as well be the Jurassic Park story coming into real life.

But luckily or sadly, however you want, the baby dinosaur dubbed as Baby Yingliang is actually already a fossil and will not hatch. It was found in southern China by stone mining company Yingliang Group, which is where it got its name.

Rare photo of the 70-million-year-old embryonic oviraptorid fossil courtesy of Lida Xing/Handout/Reuters

The egg was discovered in 2000, but they didn’t realize what’s inside until after 15 years when a few fragile bones were exposed by a crack in the egg’s surface.

It came from rocks estimated to be roughly 70 million years old and seemed almost ready to hatch with it being in its curled pre-hatching position but due to an unknown event buried the egg before it came out to the world.

The baby dino or embryo is a type of oviraptorosaur. They are a group of beaked therapod dinosaurs closely related to modern birds. They have lived about 130 million to 66 million years ago.

It is one of the most complete dinosaur embryos ever found and so perfectly preserved according to Darla Zelenitsky, a paleontologist specializing in dinosaur eggs.

It really is remarkable to see traces of creatures especially dinosaurs who have lived millions of years ago.

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