10 Must-Visit Destinations in Sogod, Cebu

A teeming line-up of tourist spots queues in a coastal town of Northern Cebu, we warmly welcome the Municipality of Sogod.

Sogod is now making its way to the scenic scene of tourism in Cebu, home of esteemed tourist spots in the Visayas, where its cliffs meet the roaring seas, rock formations boldly create an impression on tourists. 

Here are the Top 10 must-visit places that make Sogod shine:

1. Bagatayam Falls

Deep waterfalls that originated from Binaliw Spring is flowing in cascades right at Sogod – one of their unique tourist spots. It is currently a source of water for the people of Bagatayam and it formerly provided electricity to the citizens.

Exact Location: Q253+679, Sogod, Cebu

2. Tinago Beach

Some say that the shoreline that stretches along the coastal town of Sogod is all made of pebbles but this resort proves otherwise. A beautiful white beach resort hidden can be found in this municipality, check Tinago Beach out.

Exact Location: Q2RJ+4GG, Sogod, Cebu

3. Paseo de Porferio

A known campsite in Sogod that features triangular cabanas and native huts in the glory of the mountains of Sogod can be found. Right at Barangay Bagantayam, where Paseo de Porferio can be found: you can take your ultimate camping experience. You can also bring your own camping gear and food with no corkage fee plus you can also tag your fur babies with you.


  • Camping: ₱70/head (entrance and overnight stay, and guests are expected to bring their own camping gear)
  • Native House: ₱1,000/night
  • Native A-Frame Package B: ₱500 – ₱550/night
  • Exclusive Family Room: ₱3,000/night


Exact Location: Binaobao2, Bagatayam, Sogod, Cebu

4. LaValle PH

In the middle of nowhere in Sogod sits a vacation house made of nipa. It gives modern and rustic vibes as they combine the native and industrial design in their nipa houses which are covered with a roof made of galvanized iron. They also have an infinity pool where you can take a quick dip.


  • Staycation: P5,000/night
  • Extra Adult: P500/adult
  • Extra Children (below 12 y.o.): P250 per child


5. Antonio’s Cabin Retreat and Campsite

You can take your sabbatical and recollection here at a panoramic valley in Sogod where you will get to discover a peaceful dip in a jacuzzi like no other. Here you can enjoy their triangular bohemian-like cabanas:


  • Available Rooms: P3,000/ night; P4,500/ night; P2,500 / night
  • Own Tents: P350/adult; P150/children (12 years old and below)


Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/Antonios-Cabin-Retreat-and-Campsite-100240839333880 

6. The Summer House

Every day is summer at this vacation house in Sogod here at Summer Beach House Resort. It is made for a group outing where you can have the entire house for yourself. It features cozy bedrooms, a cute cabin house, free Wi-Fi, and unlimited karaoke.


  • Weekdays (Mondays to Thursdays): ₱10,000 per night,
  • ₱12,000 during peak season (during the months of April, May, and December).
  • Weekends and Holidays: ₱12,000 per night
  • ₱15,000 during peak seasons (months of April, May, and December).
  • Additional payment of ₱300/pax if the group exceeds 15, which is the maximum for the fixed rates


Contact numbers: 0915-665-3691 / (032) 260-8111
Email Address: N/A
Social: https://www.facebook.com/TheSummerHouseCebu/

Exact location: KM 58, Brgy. Bawo, Sogod, Northern Cebu — 1.5 to 2 hours away from the city.

7. Sacaan Tropical Breeze Resort

On the cliffs of Sogod, clear blue-green water emulates paradise in Sogod. Get to experience a tropical paradise in this resort.


  • Garden View Room: P2,900 per night
  • Deluxe Room: P3,200 per night
  • Ocean View Room: P3,500 per night


Exact Location: Tabunok, Sogod, North Cebu

8. Coastal View Resort

A resort of Sogod that provides ultimate secluded privacy with a panoramic view of the coast can be found in this quiet municipality right at Coastal View Resort.


  • Beach Umbrella: ₱350
  • Kubo: ₱500
  • Gazebo: ₱1,000
  • Room 1: ₱2,000
  • Deluxe Room: ₱2,500 per night; ₱500 per extra person
  • Exclusive House Rate: ₱9,000


Exact Location: Poblacion Sogod, Cebu

9. Robin’s Nesto House Rental – Cebu

Who says you need plane flight tickets to Bali? Says who, Bali is right at Cebu – here in Sogod. You can find it at Robin’s Nesto. One of the exclusive beach resorts in this municipality, it features romantic rooms with picturesque interiors. It features an infinity pool that is available for all guests with an outdoor shower and guest room.


  • Standard Hut – P7,000/night with P300 per additional pax


Exact Location: Panagatan, Brgy. Bawo, Sogod, Northern Cebu — approx. 2.5 hours away from the city.

10. North Sky Beach Resort

Where water meets skies, a perfect place for staycation exists in Sogod right at North Sky Beach Resort.


  • Regular Room: P1,800/night; Extra person – P440/head
  • Family Room: P2,100/night; Extra Person – P440/head


Exact Location: Barangay Bawo, Sogod, Cebu — approx. 1.5 hours away from the city.

11. El Mar Resort & Spa

A place of luxury and beauty can be found in Sogod. It can be found at El Mar Resort & Spa where you can enjoy the turquoise waters of Sogod that feature water activities such as kayaking and jet skiing – heating the tourism scene of this municipality.


  • Deluxe Seaview Rooms: Weekdays – ₱4,200/night; Weekends – ₱7,300/night
  • Premier Seaview Rooms: Weekdays – ₱6,300/night; Weekends – ₱10,950/night
  • Deluxe Family Rooms: Weekdays – ₱7,600/night; Weekends – ₱13,460/night
  • Casitas Seaview Rooms: Weekdays – ₱10,000/night; Weekends – ₱16,880/night
  • Presidential Villa: Weekdays – ₱20,800/night; Weekends – ₱34,900


Exact Location: Calumboyan, Sogod, Northern Cebu — approx. 1.5 hours away from the city.

Cebu continues to reign among provinces in the Philippines. Aside from being the richest province, it is also home to beautiful places to visit. One of the reasons why people are lining up to migrate here in our province. No wonder this is home to #laagans.

Among the places listed, where do you first want to go?

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