Airline ticket prices to increase starting July 1

As fuel prices continue to rise, airfares will rise as well starting July 1.

The fuel surcharge bracket was recently increased by the Civil Aeronautics Board (CAB) from level 7 to 11 for the month of July.

In order to meet their rising fuel costs, local airlines in the Philippines submitted proposals to levy increased fuel surcharges.

According to the Inquirer, fuel surcharges are extra fees that airlines levy to assist them recover their fuel expenses. These are not included in the basic fee, which is the price the passenger actually pays for a seat.

Beginning on July 1, airlines in the country are permitted to collect fuel surcharges for domestic flights of P355 to P1,038 and international flights of P1,172.07 to P8,714.84.

A fuel surcharge of P1,172.07 will be applied on flights from the Philippines to Taiwan, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Brunei under Level 11.

The relevant fee for flights to North America, the United Kingdom, and the Netherlands amounts to P8,299.85, while it is P1,620.99 for those traveling to Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, and Guam.

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