Delicious Premium Aged Meat at Yukga Korean BBQ in IT Park

Just as we think our Korean BBQ experience can’t upgrade anymore. A new restaurant challenges the game with their state-of-the-art grilling process, premium products and top-notch services.

As we now have the tradition of Samgyup nights, Yukga Korean BBQ in Cebu IT Park should be in that list of a must-visit. This Korean BBQ restaurant not only offers delicious meals and high-quality grilled meat but also a never-ending serve of side dishes.

Delicious Premium Meat & Drinks

Yukga Korean BBQ only serves quality meat exported from outside the country. Those famous Korean beef and top-quality meat we have always heard and talked about in food vlogs and Kdramas are just a few rides away.

Their Premium age meat produces incredibly tasty flavor and are served however you want, may it be as boneless beef/pork, beef rib eye roll, pork jowls and many more. All the grilled meat are tender and juicy as they put adequate water under the grill to equalize the heat of the meat.

Of course, grilled meat will never be complete without drinks. They offer various liquors to chill out like soju, makgeolli/rice wine and some local faves.

Cast Iron Grill & Hands-on services

Yukga Korean BBQ is the first in Cebu that uses a cast iron grill purely made with iron which prevents the meat from sticking to the pan which is a common problem in grilling meat. It is also dense enough to imprint their signature mark on the top and bottom layer of the meat during the grilling process.

If you’ve ever felt tired of doing the grilling on one of those BBQ nights then no worries for the staffs of Yukga are the ones who will cook the food in front of you, presenting to us diners how it is properly done.

VIP Rooms & Delivery

If you need a little privacy for events and celebrations, they have VIP rooms that can accommodate 8 to 16 persons. They also have a smoking area that can be ventilated anytime should you feel the need to smoke.

Feeling like not going out won’t be a problem either for Yukga Korean Bbq is open for orders via Maxim and pick up. The customers can opt whether to cook the meat or keep it raw upon delivery.

A little side note, you can also visit Yukga’s sister company, Machang Korean Premium Meat Grill which specializes in beef and pork intestines located at The Space AS Fortuna.

It is a step to the next level on our gastronomic experience so feel free to drop by this new restaurant for that hearty meal you deserve.



Photo from Yukga Korean BBQ Facebook Page
Photo from Yukga Korean BBQ Facebook Page
Photo from Yukga Korean BBQ Facebook Page
Photo from Yukga Korean BBQ Facebook Page
Photo from Yukga Korean BBQ Facebook Page

Other Information:


Exact location: #11 Garden Row Ayala Mall Central Bloc, IT Park, Cebu City (near 10 Dove Street and A Little Tea)

BY BUS: Ride any beep or bus going to Cebu IT Park and ask the driver to drop you off at The Walk or Garden Row.

BY CAR: Navigate with Waze or Google Maps and set your destination to “Yukga Korean BBQ” in IT Park. Parking space is available.

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