Where is the Best Pizza Place in Cebu?

The weekend just ended and I’m sure we all had the best time of our lives. It is the weekdays and I know it could really be tiresome. Whether or not you are working from home, you could be weary.

These are the days when one is not and could never be in the mood to make magic in their own kitchen, pizza is but a tap of your finger away. With all the delivery apps in the metro, you could definitely ask to have it sent through your doorstep. Elsenot, you can drive your way to the store and satisfy your cravings.

All that you have to do is open the box, grab a slice, take a photo, and munch on a bite. Don’t fret too much on using cutlery, it literally is just so easy.

We made sure to conduct a poll on our Facebook account and our followers have shared their best pizza places. From business owners to patrons, they have left comments that would be able to entice their fellow Cebuanos to try their pizza of choice.

I would have to say that I agree on some, but to the others, I am yet to try.

There are those who love Mr. Q Authentic Italian Pizza & Pasta while others prefer Alberto’s better. One likes Mr. A Pizzeria while one opts for Handuraw. I am not so sure though, but have you tried Delrock’s Pizza in Talamban? I think you should. While you haven’t, try PigaFetta too. It’s proven and tested to be delicious.

Photo by Carmela Garcia
Photo from Handuraw Pizza Facebook Page
Photo from Mr. A Bar & Restaurant Facebook Page

But more than anything, I really appreciate those who have shared their own versions of their homemade pizza. Of course, baked with love.

These are the top 10 recommendations based on the comments (in no particular order):

  1. Alberto’s Pizza
  2. Pizzeria Michelangelo
  3. YellowCab
  4. Handuraw Pizza
  5. Angel’s Pizza
  6. Mom’s Pizza
  7. S&R / Landers
  8. Shakey’s / Sbarro
  9. Cardams
  10. Mr. A’s Pizza

There really are a lot of pizza parlors our followers have recommended. I would strongly suggest for you to read the comments section, because there’s just too many wonderful pizza parlors to choose from. I can’t even pick one best for that matter.

Got recommendations? Join the discussion on our Facebook Page.


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