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Viral tweet: ‘How lucky are those who live in Cebu?’

Cebu City has often been called the country’s gateway to a thousand journeys. Filipinos, from all walks of life, move to Cebu to seek their fortune in the Queen City of the South.

Considered to be the oldest city in the Philippines, Cebu surely has a very rich history and cultural significance. Apart from that, the island also serves as an access point to a lot of tourist destinations. Hence, a tweet about how lucky Cebuanos are to be just a few minutes plane ride away from the country’s famous destination went viral.

Alyssa Ysabel asked in a tweet; “How lucky are those who live in Cebu?”

This was asked before narrating why Cebuanos are lucky and answering them with these cute, but sensible reasons.

“45 mins to Manila, 30 mins to Siargao, 40 mins to Palawan. You got nature, city lights and vvvv good beaches few hrs from the city PLUS u got Sinulog Fest. How lucky can you get?”

I bet if youre a Cebuano or is living in Cebu, you could also affirm that you are indeed lucky to be having the aforementioned advantages.

Nonetheless, Ysabel is not done praising us just yet!

She added; “Plus the nightlife, plus u got pungko pungko sa fuente and sugbo mercado, u also got very tasty dried fish and chorizo. U guys speak multiple languages mainly bisaya and most of you are good and fluent in English.”

To be able to live and experience everything, you need to try to live in our shoes. Enjoy living the life in Cebu and immerse yourself with our culture. It will be worth it.

If you think the aforementioned is not enough to entice you about being a Cebuano/a, try falling in love with one. I could guarantee you a change of mind, and heart.

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