Look! Effective Vaccines Without a Needle

Since the surge of the COVID-19 pandemic, researchers have gone over and beyond to formulate a vaccine that would make people less affected of the virus. Moreso are they looking for solutions for these to be painless.

Let us now talk about a good step in revolutionizing medicine.

Painless and ‘needle-less’ medicine could help you and our medical doctors to protect the children and those who have phobia of syringes. This is a win-win situation for science and society.

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Unlike the normal vaccines, skin patches, as how they call it, do not have cold-chain requirements. These might even heighten vaccine efficacy, as what researchers say.

In the journal of Science Advances, these have showed promising results.

Patches measuring one square centimeter with 5,000 microscopic spikes were used by the Australian-US team, said David Muller, a virologist at the University of Queensland and co-author of the paper.

These spikes are coated with an experimental vaccine, and the patches have applicators like that of a hockey puck.

A “subunit,” as how the researchers have called it, are the vaccines that the researchers used to dot the surface of the coronavirus.

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Mice were used as an experiment by Science Advances where both the patch and the syringe were experimented over the course of two minutes.

Results have shown that those who had the patches were able to produce high levels of neutralizing antibodies after two doses. This experiment has shown how patches could outperform syringes.

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