2021 Travel Guide to Dumaguete: The Famous City of Gentle People

We all know how Dumaguete City is known to be the city of gentle people, as its laidback vibes and ambience really reminds outsiders that everything in here seems so gentle. The Mount Talinis, or known as the Cuernos del Negros, at its foot lays the beautiful city of Dumaguete.

Although most of the area in Negros Oriental speak Hiligaynon, which is its native local language, Dumaguete City’s close proximity to Cebu City seems to have an influence as people here generally speak in Cebuano. Like a real ‘bisaya’, where most of us are really fond of cutting words short, Dumaguete City is locally called “Duma” for short, but despite this short nickname, the city has a really long list of magnificent tourist spots to boast.

How to Get There:

Exact Location: Dumaguete City, Negros Oriental

Starting from Cebu City, there are two ways you can get to Dumaguete City. From the Cebu South Bus Terminal, you can take buses bound to Dumaguete City where buses start taking off from 5AM with last trips at 6PM daily. The bus will go straight to Bato in Santander, southern part of Cebu, where afterwards the bus will be transported to a ferry (RORO) going to Tampi Port in Amlan, Negros. The total travel time is around six hours, with Php 250.00 as the bus fare and additional Php 70.00 for the ferry ride.

Alternatively, you can take another bus bound to southern Cebu in Liloan and afterwards, transfer to a fast craft bound to Sibulan. Stopping at Bato where the average fare is Php 250.00 and travel time of at least four hours, you can go to Bato Port where fast crafts are available for boarding. These are bound to Sibulan Port of Negros Oriental, with trips starting from 5AM to 6PM. Average fast craft fare including terminal and boarding fees are Php 65.00 and once you’re in Sibulan Port, multicabs are readily available that can take you to Dumaguete, with fare of Php 15.00.

Where to Stay in Dumaguete:

Dumaguete City is one of the best places to relax or just backpack, as the city has numerous hostels, lodges and even resorts to stay in. If you are in a tight budget, some of the recommended budget accommodations include the Flying Fish Hostel where rates start at Php 350.00 and the Zen Rooms Basic White Knights where rates start at Php 600.00.

If you wish to stay for a more relaxed and luxurious stay in Dumaguete, luxury resorts such as the Atmosphere Resort & Spa is recommended with room rates starting at Php 9,000.00. The Villa Pedro Boutique Hotel is also recommended with room rates starting at Php 3,000.00.

Photo from Star View – Villa Pedro Boutique Wellness Resort

What to Do in Dumaguete:

Being a magnificent city itself, there are numerous things while you’re in Dumaguete such as:

  • Visit the campus of Siliman University – one of the oldest universities in the Philippines.
  • Stroll the street, boulevard, night markets and experience the Dumaguete culture
  • Visit the famous Dumaguete Cathedral and its Bell Tower
  • Visit and take a dip at Balanan, Balinsasayao and Danao Twin Lakes in Sibulan
  • Go dolphin watching in Manjuyod Sandbar in Bais
  • Food trip in its famous food market places in Sans Rival, Casa Balance, Hayahay Tree House, Panda Ice Cream and many more local delicacies
  • Check out and stop by at the attractions in Valencia such as the Tierra Alta Resort, Red Rock Hot Spring, Pulangbato or Malabo Falls, Casaroro Falls
  • Visit and dive in Apo Island in Dauin
Photo by Kevin
Photo by Alreena Levy
Photo by Alreena Levy
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