Travel Guide from Cebu to Camiguin under the New Normal

Named the “Island Born of Fire” because of its astounding 7 volcanoes, Camiguin is an amazing island to visit in Mindanao. It has a lot of interesting locations that will leave you in awe as well as scrumptious food that its taste will remain in your brain for years. If you are planning to visit Camiguin but do not know what to do, here is an ultimate travel guide from Cebu to Camiguin.

How to go from Cebu to Camiguin

As of writing, Camiguin is currently not allowing tourists in at the moment due to the pandemic. However, once it opens its arms for tourists to come in, remember to always wear your face mask and face shield, wash your hands with alcohol regularly, and avoid touching unfamiliar objects as well as your face.

Of course, Cebu has a direct flight to Camiguin. In fact, only Cebu had a direct flight back then but now there are other airports that offer direct flights to the island as well. Cebu Pacific Airlines, Air Asia, and Philippine Airlines are possible airline services that offer these flights.

It is also possible to ride a ferry from Cagayan de Oro to Camiguin if you want to stop by Cagayan de Oro. From there, go to either the Macabalan Pier which is within the city or the Balingoan Pier which is an hour and a half away from the city.

Best destinations in Camiguin

White Island

White Island is the crown jewel of Camiguin; you can probably even see it from the air. It has a beautiful white sandbar with peaceful turquoise waters clashing towards it. You can hire small boats by the municipality itself to get there, just ask around.

Photo by John Ray Aligato / The Island Nomad
Photo by John Ray Aligato / The Island Nomad

Sunken Cemetery

As an island with 7 volcanoes, at least one of them is bound to have erupted and indeed, Mt. Vulcan did so in the 1870s and sunk the capital city and the old town of Catarman. Now, a giant concrete cross stands above the waters to where the old cemetery is now. There is something mysteriously cool about nature overtaking old ruins as fish have decided to occupy, making it a delight to dive in.

Photo by John Ray Aligato / The Island Nomad
Photo by John Ray Aligato / The Island Nomad

Walkway to the Old Volcano

For the people who want a good hike uphill or a relaxing view from above, the Walkway to the Old Volcano is a good place to start. It is a concrete stairway with 15 Stations of the Cross leading to Mt. Vulcan. Once at the top, you can have a good scenery stretching far towards the cross of the Sunken Cemetery.

Photo by Phil Alvarez
Photo by Plata Huesos
Photo by KuyaMel
Photo by Din Tiu

Ardent Hot Spring

When the weather is cold, a perfect way to stay toasty is to visit the Ardent Hot Spring in Camiguin. With 7 volcanoes within the island, of course there would be a hot springs in the area. The water can go up to 40 degrees Celsius.

Photo by Mike Cabahug
Photo by  Isaias Napone
Photo by Phil Alvarez

Santo Nino Cold Spring

On the other hand, if you want to stay chill amidst the summer heat, the Santo Nino Cold Spring will surely make your hairs stand up. It clocks in at about 20 degrees Celsius.

Photo by John Ray Aligato / The Island Nomad
Photo by John Ray Aligato / The Island Nomad

Tuasan Falls

Waterfalls are also a delight in Camiguin as Tuasan Falls attract many to its charms. The atmosphere seems mystical making it a beautiful spot for taking pictures. The water is cold and chilly and you can take a dip into its lagoon.

Photo by Mike Cabahug
Photo by Win Concha
Photo by Mike Cabahug
Photo by Irene Quijano Ungria

Old Guiob Church Ruins

For history and antique nerds, the Old Guiob Church Ruins will make keep you happy with its scenery. This church has been a standing relic amidst the town that has been buried by Mt. Vulcan in the 1870s. Now, its tall pillars and stone walls are covered in greenery as what time always does.

Photo by T Captures
Photo by Marsh Lopez

Other tourist destinations to consider:

  • Mantigue Island Nature Park
  • Soda Water Park
  • Katibawasan Falls
  • Burias Shoal
Photo by John Ray Aligato / The Island Nomad
Photo by John Ray Aligato / The Island Nomad
Photo by Plata Huesos
Photo by John Ray Aligato / The Island Nomad
Photo by John Ray Aligato / The Island Nomad
Photo by Jan Yaun

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