Cream of the Gaming Crop: Top Gaming Streamers of Cebu

With the rise of the coronavirus last year came the rise of staying at home. And with the sudden rise of people staying at home also came the rise of active people on the internet. After all, if you are forced to be at home all the time, the internet becomes an essential tool. Because of this, many Cebuanos have come to online gaming as a way of entertainment, and along with that are gaming streamers.

Photo from Chibiby Facebook Page
Photo from Chibiby Facebook Page

There are a lot of gaming streamers in Cebu that you would be surprised to know about. These streamers play a wide variety of games, mostly games that the masses play too. Examples of such games are Mobile Legends, Call of Duty: Mobile, Defense of the Ancients, and many more. If you want to watch some gameplay, then here are some of the top and rising gaming streamers in Cebu.

1. Chibiby

Photo from Chibiby Facebook Page

Chibiby is one of the most well-known streamers out there. He often collabs with other well-known streamers such as Alodia. He mostly plays DOTA 2 and Call of Duty: Mobile, but he also plays other games such as Valheim, PUBG, Brawlhalla, and GMod, among others. He has garnered over 56 thousand likes on his page with 94 thousand following him.

2. AHOSGaming

Photo from

Anyone can try out game streaming, and AHOS Gaming is no exception. June Mar Fajardo is a famed basketball player who plays for the San Miguel Beermen in the Philippine Basketball Association. He has been called as “The Kraken” for his remarkable size and finesse against his bigger opponents. He has started a Facebook page on streaming games that he plays. He also plays Dota 2 and has garnered 47 thousand likes and 82 thousand followers.

3. Chuplak

Photo from Chuplak Facebook Page

This gaming streamer is close friends with Chibiby and has garnered himself a lot of following and influence as well. He prides himself in promoting Bisdak Gaming in the Philippines and is very evident in his videos. He mostly plays Dota 2 but also plays other games like PUBG. He often collabs with other streamers like Chibiby and AHOS Gaming. He has 40 thousand likes and over 65 thousand followers.

4. Spuddy the Ginoo God

Albeit still much smaller than the other streamers in this list, Spuddy the Ginoo God is also a Cebuano streamer who promotes Bisaya Gaming and esports. He mostly plays Dota 2 but also plays Valorant. He also collaborates with the bigger streamers like Chibiby and Chuplak as they play Dota 2 together. So far, he has garnered 800 likes and a thousand followers, but will surely grow bigger.

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