How to turn tap water into drinking water with just a tablet

Visayas and Mindanao have been wrecked by the super typhoon Odette and are now slowly getting back up. The typhoon has caused a lot of damage but the greatest problem it brought is the lack of resources after the devastation.

One of the most needed resources is drinking water. Water is as essential as being alive itself which is why we have here a guide on how to turn your tap water or water from wells to drinking water with just a tablet.

Aquatabs water purification tablet

Intended for household water treatment, Aquatabs are self-dissolving water disinfection tablets. It is a highly accessible tablet that you can purchase at the following drug stores here in the Philippines:

  • Mercury Drug
  • The Generics Pharmacy
  • Generika Drug Store

They react with water releasing hypochlorous acid which inactivates microorganisms being an efficient purification process to our available water.

Mind that the water treated is not mineral water as it goes through a different process of reverse osmosis but is just called safe drinking water.

Step-by-step guide

  1. Read the instructions carefully and repeatedly to be clear on what to do.
  2. Check if the water is turbid/cloudy and filter it with cloth or let it settle to clear out suspended particles. If the water available is already clear then you can proceed.
  3. Add the tablet on hand to the correct amount of water to be treated.
  4. 1 tablet is good for 20-24 liters of clear water
  5. Dosage for clear water: 2 mg/L
  6. Mix it well.
  7. Wait for 30 minutes to allow the chlorine to react with contaminants.
  8. After that, the water has been purified and is ready to be used.
  9. Your water is safe and will not be re-contaminated for 7 days so there is no need to put Aquatabs every day on your water.
  10. Cover your water containers to avoid exposure to contaminants.

Note: It is not advisable to treat very turbid water or not clear water.

Specific Water Requirements

  • Low turbidity
  • pH between 5.5 and 7.5; disinfection is unreliable above a pH of 9

Other Information:

  • Price: P7.00/tab (SRP)
  • Contact number: (02) 8584-6904 or 09177069123 or message them at
  • Facebook: Aquatabs Philippines

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